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Happy Birthday Gabriel by ShinjitsuForever Happy Birthday Gabriel :iconshinjitsuforever:ShinjitsuForever 1 0 Walls of the Family by ShinjitsuForever Walls of the Family :iconshinjitsuforever:ShinjitsuForever 2 0 Light of the Family by ShinjitsuForever Light of the Family :iconshinjitsuforever:ShinjitsuForever 0 0 Chaos and Love by ShinjitsuForever Chaos and Love :iconshinjitsuforever:ShinjitsuForever 0 0 Sky Light Awaits: Doodles 2 by ShinjitsuForever Sky Light Awaits: Doodles 2 :iconshinjitsuforever:ShinjitsuForever 1 0 Sky Light Awaits: Doodles 1 by ShinjitsuForever Sky Light Awaits: Doodles 1 :iconshinjitsuforever:ShinjitsuForever 2 0 Pisces by ShinjitsuForever Pisces :iconshinjitsuforever:ShinjitsuForever 16 2 Aquarius by ShinjitsuForever Aquarius :iconshinjitsuforever:ShinjitsuForever 14 0 Capricorn by ShinjitsuForever Capricorn :iconshinjitsuforever:ShinjitsuForever 11 0 Sagittarius by ShinjitsuForever Sagittarius :iconshinjitsuforever:ShinjitsuForever 11 1 Scorpio by ShinjitsuForever Scorpio :iconshinjitsuforever:ShinjitsuForever 8 1 Libra by ShinjitsuForever Libra :iconshinjitsuforever:ShinjitsuForever 11 0 Midnight Crew by ShinjitsuForever Midnight Crew :iconshinjitsuforever:ShinjitsuForever 9 1 Virgo by ShinjitsuForever Virgo :iconshinjitsuforever:ShinjitsuForever 14 1 Leo by ShinjitsuForever Leo :iconshinjitsuforever:ShinjitsuForever 16 2 Cancer by ShinjitsuForever Cancer :iconshinjitsuforever:ShinjitsuForever 16 1


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Happy Birthday Gabriel
Well his birthday was on June 17 though, so, sorry for posting it late here.

Anyways, Gab and I haven't talked in a while actually, now it's both medias...and well...I think...I'vebeen feeling better actually, now that I do realized I don't have to chase him all the time, he ain't mine, and I ain't his, so I shouldn't think now that I am trapped in an imaginary cage, cause I'm not anymore, so...yeah. It...ended there.

And this kind of symbolizes that this is like the last time we'd talk in a certain period again, then we'll be waiting for time once again when life or fate ( not love ) decides when we should meet, talk and be friends ( truly ) again.

Would you believe I actually took 4 days for this drawing and the Father's Day one for 2 days?! 😂😂😂 I dunno why but this one looks simpler than the Father's Day one, cause here's the thing, I can merge layers easily with this drawing, and because of that, the end result only has about 3 or 4 layers, while the Fathets' Day one had 7 layers in total, even in end result. This took me more days though, and I had much and perfect time schedules to draw it, so I dealt with it.

It's also been a while since I drew Gabuscus Bellatorre ( Fantasy AU of Gabriel ), the last time I drew him was his birthday in between we were Grade 6 and Grade 7. So, this year's birthday was the perfect timing to draw him again, and I love to see the difference the two drawings had, it's amazing. Try doing it guys, compare your old drawings to your need drawings and see how much you've improved! 😇😇😇 it's definitely amazing! If you don't see any difference, don't hesitate! Be optimistic and keep telling yourself "I can do this! I can improve myself!", not just in arts but also in who you are. Be yourself and stay creative! ♥️♥️♥️

So, anyways, this can also be used as a reference sheet.
I hope you like it and Belated Happy Birthday Gabriel.
Walls of the Family
Just like the Mother's Day, but this one is for Father's Day and both were posted late here in DeviantArt, sorry about that, although in Facebook, I did not post it late, it was posted just on time.

So, the players here are still real people, and I know you can remember the kid there, in this game, there is an option or a mask for you to find that can alter your height to a Chibi or kid size, so that guy, the kid, is basically an adult in real life, that's why he's a "big league" for a reason, cause most of the players are around Young Adults, Teenagers or Preteens. The other dude in the right side is Elton, or in Youtube, you can search his name through this, Usagi Senpai. In a roleplay, he's considered as the father, in real life, ok let's just say he's out of this, but the kid and the mother in the other picture in real life are actually a couple, so deal with it and logic cause I also found I confusing at first...and everyone bashed me with the shipping thing being wrong...the life of a do people hate it, sounds like these people don't get jokes...

Anyways, so sorry for the late post again, but I do hope you like it, and I also hope you get the message of the title of this artwork and the image it represents.
Light of the Family
Now this is the other entry that I was talking about that didn't make it in the entries. At least this still made or worked out as a worthwhile artwork I made, this took me a day to make and I just love how the improvement goes, and is still improving to give more people appreciation and inspiration for them to motivate themselves 😉😉😉.

So these two people there are still one of the players in this game, although these two are considered as the "big leagues" they a tree basically one of the Admins of the main GC of Sky, and they are also beta players. So, I respect them, but...*sigh...ok, let's forget the past now, just, at least there were some good memories.

Sorry for posting late on the Mother's Day Special, but I do hope you like it!
Chaos and Love
So, in the Sky fan page in Facebook, they were holding a contest during Mother's Day, and this was the entry that got in before the deadline, sadly the other one didn't make it, but turned out to be the concluding drawing for the Mother's Day event, so I'm still happy for what I achieved in both.

These three are the people I trust so much in my first weeks of playing this game, namely Moon ( center ), Cyril ( left ) and Enzo ( right ). Those days wre my happy days in this game, when I still thought that no one would bash me or something, yeah, something happened to me in this group, I'd rather not talk about it more. So anyways, Moon was like the mother to us, she was always with us and role playing to protect us from the darkness and the Krills or burnt shrimps and all that jazz, Haha. Cyril was and is still like a sister to me, she's there to understand and she's there to relate with you, Hehe, she's an amazing person. And well...Enzo...he's the one who always likes to fight with me and Cyril, kind of like the opposite of Moon, he holds our hands ( players, in-game ) and drops us off a cliff and feeds us to the Krills and loses our spirits that we collected, amazing, THANK YOU. Although, right now Enzo and I are kind of having a problem...I guess...pretty much relating to the fiasco that happened to me in the game, those others were telling everyone rumors about me that I may be a bad person and is still a bully like before, I am not anymore, and I just want to clarify my words to him, but he didn't listen to I hope soon, he will listen to me and just to clarify my words to him that what I did was for the good, I never wanted a fight so that's why I left and them still kept bashing at me while I don't care...I'm sorry for telling my other friend to shush though cause "Enzo is here" cause we were talking about the fiasco that happened to me...Enzo got that message of mine all wrong...I just want him to listen and hear me out saying sorry...manm I really have messed up that time.

Anyways, take those negative feelings out now, I hope you like it! And sorry for posting this Mother'd Day Special really late.
Sky Light Awaits: Doodles 2
Here's the second part of my doodles for Sky Light Awaits.
Apparently some of them here are also artists in Deviantart, almost everyone in this game are dang creative with stuff, they have amazing artworks, they have deep and fantastic ideas, if you found some of them out, it's worth appreciating them to be honest. Well, like Moon in there, she's pretty much a deviantARTist here, I forgot her deviantART name though, there was also another one, someone named "Slashy Aru" in DeviantArt, she's currently making commissions, I guess? But I swear, she's dang good with lineless artworks. There's also someone in the game who posts his works in the Facebook fan page group, and he's a FREAKING PROFESSIONAL ARTIST, every DETAIL, every LIGHTING and every SHADOW, IT ALL FITS PERFECTLY IN HIS ARTWORKS!!! It's AMAZING, no, ABSOLUTELY ASTOUNDING. I am not overreacting, he's pretty much a professional one, so his works are indeed so great, legitimately. 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 I think it was Arjaey.

So hope you guys check some of them out and I hope you like it.
Boy, I’m being tagged by one of my senseis, :iconemmonsta: uhh...

1) You have to post ALL the rules
2) Answer 12 questions you have been asked then create some 12 questions for people you tagged ( nope, too much, just 6, like Emmonsta, please )
3) Choose 12 people (ahahhh naahhh)
4) Legitimately tag these people 
5) You can't say you don't do tags ( ‘^’ )
6) Tag backs are ALLOWED!!!! (pls don't... ‘n’ )

1. Where do you get your main inspiration from?
=>Main inspiration of what? Nah, just kidding, if I got a crush, my inspiration goes on him, but it won’t beat my inspiration that came from my friends, but even more inspiration comes from my passion of the things and the people I love so much, as I just mentioned. If I get so much hype from a certain show or like, one of my favorite characters having such a vibe or epic ness or awesomeness or coolness, I start drawing inspiration from that, in any way, so not only in arts.

2. What styles appeal to you most?
=>I don’t appreciate the really big eyes in anime much, I don’t also like drawing real faces cause it takes too much time and blending, what I appreciate or the style that appeal to me most is a mixture of the two, something realistic but still having a cartoon face, no, I’m not talking about 3D neither.

3. Have any favorite aesthetics? Name a few~
=> 😐😐😐...nature...just...nature...

4. What shows are you watching/ catching up on right now?
=>Well, I’m putting Rick and Morty under my suggested list because...I swear to you Gabuscus! You insult my favorite r watching it with no satisfaction, I’ll insult yours too 😠😠😠 no offense to the rest who watches Rick and Morty though, it’s just my friend’s becoming a real jerk 😒😒😒. Shows I used to watch were Bomberman and Gravity Falls. Shows that I watch now are My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic... ( I’m warning you Gabuscus if you insult me again ), Star VS the Forces of Evil, Steven Universe, and Miraculous Ladybug.

5. Play any games? If so, are you looking forward to any that are coming out later?
=>Let’s see, there goes Bendy and the Ink Machine, waiting for Chapters 4 and 5, there goes Hiveswap, waiting for Acts 2, 3 and 4, boy I can’t wait! And, I’m thinking of playing the Dark Souls Gabuscus gave me, around the summer.

6. What are some of your favorite book series?
=> I watch the movie series of Harry Potter, not the books though, sorry...and when it comes to books, I read factual books more, like the Encyclopedias and some books about our world or Astronomy, sorry.

7. Have any hobbies outside of drawing/ writing?
=>Does Soap Carving count? I kinda like Biking, but does that also count? 😐😐😐

8. Do you do art more for fun, or do you plan on a career off it?
=>This question is just on time for my rambles! I am equal on both sides, I do it for fun, for my passion, for my inspiration, for all to let loose through the mighty pens, just wanna let out my feelings, my passions, my inspirations! I just can’t help it, I think it is my destiny! And once I grow up, my number chosen career is involving arts, either an Art Illustrator or a Comic Illustrator, an Editorial Illustrator or better! An Animator! I’ve heard someone in DA was chosen for a job in Animating under Nickelodeon, which in fact, gave me such high hopes and inspiration to become one! Some of my relatives doubted me for what I’m choosing since not much available jobs of this certain career is in the Philippines, it’s more available abroad, but my parents want me to work abroad, so, why can’t I just go what I want it to be? I’m depending on the future on how far I’ll go, but I’m making it happen in the present so I can reach that goal!

9. What’s your favorite animal?
=>Oh boy, tough a pet, a Feline, as a soul, Wolf, as a myth, Phoenix, as a symbol, an Owl. Don’t ever ask this question unspecified again...🤯😫😐

10. If you could keep any animal as a pet, what would it be?
=>According to my friend’s test...I’m fated with the Turkish Angora, don’t you dare fight me.

11. What about Mythical Creatures? It can be from anything~
=>Did mention it, a Phoenix, the symbol of Rebirth!

12. Any suggestions/ recommendations for anything?
=>Meh, just keep it up with your school stuff, I’m also dealing with mine Un_n, only an advice...don’t let procrastination get to can feast on your Focus and can ruin everything, I swear procrastination! You ruin my day! I’ll just be patient with the next part of your comic Em, Patience is a Virtue 💙💙💙.

Now here’s my questions:
1. Do you have a crush on someone? Be honest now.
2. Any weird acts you’ve been doing lately out of nowhere?
3. What’s your Phobia and what’s your Philia?
4. Do you know memes? If so, what’s your Top 5?
5. What type of genre of music do you listen to often?
6. Do you embrace Focus or Procrastination?
7. Are you a cat or a dog person?
8. Who are your senpais?
9. How is your life going? Explain in 3-5 sentences. 😁😁😁😅😅😅
10. What’s your real name? 😏😏😏
11. Who’s your favorite character of all time? Overall favorite, in books or shows or games. So pick only one.
12. What’s your Monthly Zodiac Sign? Do you love your sign? If not, which sign do you wanna be and why?

:icontyrantaur123: :iconestories: :icongzstudio: :iconmusicfirewind: :iconvavacung: :iconzarla:
I choose you!

Hope that satisfied you


Artist | Student | Digital Art
Hello there, name's Shinjitsu and welcome to my page...

I'm still a teenager learning in the Philippines, I'm a Filipina, in other terms, I'm a female Filipino, I'm around with my group of friends, mostly known here are Gabuscus, Karikati, Zoerina, Ren and PrisTimTim.

I mostly ace my scores to the top overalls, most likely it would be inside the outstanding students in our school.

And, I may have a lot of besties, those I just mentioned, but I'm the only one who's monitoring this account, I only post my friends' drawings seldomly here, and there are already a few, feel free to scan the gallery.

Thanks for stopping by...;)

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