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Ezlel watched from his tree as some of the younger ranch pokemon ran and laughed below him.  He still felt out of place on this ranch and he deeply missed his old ranch.  He sighed as he remembered his former rancher.  Hawkmoth and Skylar had started a game of tag and were in the process of convincing the two ponyta’s of the ranch, Captain and his son Miles to join them in it.  The two horse pokemon were eager to take the challenge and the four of them stampeded by.  Ezlel could almost feel the tree shake as they ran past, their hooves pounding the ground.  Feeling restless Ezlel left his tree taking flight.  He was not really sure where he was going or what he was doing so he just flew. Letting his wings take him first high above the ranch and then picking a random direction he flew out of the ranches borders.  Off into the twilight, he had never before left the ranches lands without his new trainer.  Before now it had seemed wrong somehow.  But tonight he was untroubled by those thoughts.  For a moment he considered trying to find his old ranch, maybe give it a flyover to see what had become of it.  His flight wavered as he felt an almost invisible tug in the direction he thought his old ranch lay.  He paused gazing down at the ground far below him, did he really want to see the roosts and barns lying empty, the hatchery gone cold. Did he want to face the memories of what was past when there was nothing he could do to change it.  No he decided, perhaps one day but not tonight.  Instead he wandered the skies deep in thought.  As he flew a sound caught his ears it was the sound of wings, not the membranous wings of a Zubat but the soft flutter of feathered wings. He gazed about in mild concern sometimes the larger bird pokemon would try to take a bite out of his wings if he was not careful.  When he spotted the source of the sound he was stunned.  It was a creature unlike any he had ever seen, an elegant flyer whose wings sported spots similar to his own.  A slender lizard like body of ruddy rad adorned with ashy grey feathers.  She noticed him a moment later, her head turning to regard him with open curiosity.
  “Hello, who are you?” the other flier chirped brightly.
   “My name is Sky.” She offered when the confused Butterfree failed to respond at first. “What are you doing out here by yourself?” she continued before the Butterfree’s head managed to catch up with his thoughts.  “Ezlel, my name is Ezlel.” He finally managed to answer.  When he had first seen her wings he had panicked a little thinking she was one of the huge predatory wild Talonflames that while thankfully rare were the biggest threat to wandering bug pokemon.  “I was just wandering.” He said, “Have I crossed over your ranches air space? I am sorry if I have bothered you.” 
  “No, its no bother, I’m off my ranch too.” She chirped.  “Are you alright?” she asked kindly sensing his unease. 
  “Yes. Uh  no. Maybe?” he said not really thinking and not sure what to say.
Sky laughed gently, often Ezlel was normally bothered by laughter, but this somehow seemed different to him and he laughed with her. “You sound a little confused, want to talk about it?” she said flying closer to him.  Soon they matched their courses and were flying together and just talking.  Ezlel did not explain what had happened to his old ranch but for the first time in months he let himself relax at talk about his old friends and family.  His favorite memories from his childhood, things that he had locked away behind a wall of bitterness and sadness since the fall of his old home.  She listened to him smiling and laughing at the antics of him and his friends and told him of her own ranch.  Of her rivalry with Ashes and of the motherly Phantom.  Of the many pokemon who came and went on the huge ranch. 
  As they talked and flew they wandered back towards Ezlels ranch.  In the distance they could see flashes, silver and blue, red and gold, coming from the manes of Miles and Captain.  More rarely they could see bits of orange and green as fire light rebounded from the wings and carapace of Skylar or Hawkmoth. The four were still playing tag it seemed. Their faint laughter blew up to the fliers of a breeze.  Sky smiled, “Friends of yours?” she asked.
  “Ranch mates at least.” He said realizing that he had made no friends at Hawks Haven, he had not let himself.  Suddenly he felt playful and swayed closer to Sky crying out. “Tag!” 
 She laughed, a bright tinkling sound, before she gave chase.  Beating her wings in a swift flurry of sound she rose after the purple butterfly.  The silvery moonlight shone off their wings as they danced through the night sky.  Swooping and soaring as they laughed and played in the moonlight.  “So do you come out here often?” Ezlel asked hopefully.
  “Some times, when I need to stretch my wings.” She whistled.  “What about you? Do you go flying like this often?” 
  Ezlel shook his head, “No, this was my first time out here.  But I think I may have to come out more often.” He said offering her a smile. 
  “Well then, maybe we shall see each other again sometime soon.” She said playfully.  “But for the moment I need to be getting home.”
  “I will look forward to it.” Ezlel promised and found that he meant every word of it. He watched her fly back towards her home, not turning away until she was out of sight. Then he slowly flew back to his tree near the ranch house feeling more content that he had for a long, long time.


So Sky is looking for a mate and for some reason I thought her kind nature might perk up Ezlel and get him to open up a bit.  Even if they just become friends I think interacting with her will do him good.
Anyway, 1007 words = 5 levels to Ezlel, Captain, Miles, Skylar, Hawkmoth, and Sky
Sky AlphaPhantomhive (2 gift levels to Cheddar)
Ezlel, Captain, Skylar, and Hawkmoths levels expshared to Cheddar)
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