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New ref sheet can be found here: shiningstarofwinter.deviantart…
Pokemon: Meganium
Name: Basil
Gender: Female
Hatch Date:
Breeding: OPEN for details shiningstarofwinter.deviantart…
ID#: 9946
Level: 100
Started Base Attack: 5
Current Base Attack: 29 (2 evos)
Solar beam
Razor leaf
Sweet scent
Body slam
Level Up Log
Ref sheet, Fullbody, shading, simple background, 5 levels Basil
Into the training ring, 675 words =3 levels and she learned Solar Beam Into the training ring
Commission… , fullbody,  shading, 4 levels
Guardian of the ranch P1 801 words, 4 Lvs   shiningstarofwinter.deviantart…
Guardian of the ranch P2 826 words, 4 Lvs  shiningstarofwinter.deviantart…
Guardian of the ranch P3 623 words, 3 Lvs shiningstarofwinter.deviantart…
Basils proud, full body 2 Lvs  Basil's proud
Night raid 1000+ 5lv words shiningstarofwinter.deviantart…
Ariel Acrobatics, 1000+ words 5 Lv Ariel Acrobatics
Training gone wrong shiningstarofwinter.deviantart… 17 LVs learned Synthisis, Razor Leaf, and Sweet Scent
4 Lv shiningstarofwinter.deviantart…
8Lv shiningstarofwinter.deviantart… Plus Basil learned Light screen, Reflect, Posion powder, 24Lvs
Evolving 11 Lvs
1 Lv Expshared Mount Moon

Basil is a very, very stubborn Chikorita.  She is also a little spoiled and is used to getting her own way. She is highly confident and extremely curious.  Sometimes these traits get her into quite a bit of trouble.  She does not always know when it would be a good idea to back down and will boldly challenge pokemon much larger then herself.  Fire pokemon give her pause, and though she’s loath to admit it on a type basis she is a little afraid of them.
Basil was Nataszia’s very first pokemon and they grew up together.  Often going on daring adventures before scurrying home to warm up and dry off.  On one of these adventures Basil was separated from her trainer along with the newest member of the family, Rosy.  They had all been out deep in the woods when a storm had descended.  A thick fog rolled in and the little plant types had been startled in the wrong direction by a lightning strike.  Neither one had ever even been in battle.  Frightened they ran head first off the path.  Not looking where they were going they had run face first into a sleeping Archinine.  The fire dog had not taken kindly to their interruption, Basil has been more than a little afraid of fire pokemon ever since.

Basil is a little darker then normal for a chikorita from her region and has a white tail tip. :)

  Mate: Ezlel shiningstarofwinter.deviantart…
     1  shiningstarofwinter.deviantart…

   Mate:  Horror At Array Avenue…
    Clutch 2:
       P1: shiningstarofwinter.deviantart…
                        Sagittarius, Male Honedge,…
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