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F-Zero MV Headcanon #10: Yazoo Jr.
Full Name : Kennedy Yazoo Jr.
Gender : Male
Birthday : June 12th
Age : 38
Height : 1m81 (5.93 ft)
Blood Type : O+
Nationality : Aeropolite. Born and raised in Aeropolis.
Family : Kennedy Yazoo (father)
Occupation : Engineer, racer
Likes : Safety, crafting new objects
Dislikes : Corruption, cooking
Physical Description : Kennedy Yazoo Jr. is a brown-haired man sporting a faint beard and a clear mustache. His dark yellow suit has steel shoulder plates with white boots and gloves as well as a metallic insignia with a green square carved in that represents his father's company — "Quasar Industries".
Background / Characterisation : Kennedy Yazoo Jr. started out his engineer career when he found out he had a gift for engineering. His father hired him in his company when they were building the Cosmo Terminal space elevator; its
:iconshiningraywolf:ShiningRayWolf 2 0
F-Zero MV Headcanon #9 : Kumiko
Surname : Kumiko the "Bullet Train" / Shinkansen no Kumiko
Real Name : Hayakawa Kumiko
Gender : Female
Birthday : November 28th
Age : 26
Height : 1m68 (5.51 ft)
Blood Type : AB-
Nationality : Japanese-American. Born in White Land, raised in Mist Flow.
Family : Hayakawa Taki (mother, a former F-Zero model), Mr. Zero (father, uncles), unknown surrogate parents
Occupation : Racer
Likes : Watching old footage of F-Zero racing, snow
Dislikes : Conflicts, hot temperature areas
Physical Description : Kumiko is a young woman with black hair and garnet eyes. Though not usually seen, underneath her hair is a teal bang she inherited from her father. Her main color scheme is a mix of purple and white. She sports a tiny purple shirt that leaves some parts of her upper body revealed, namely the neck and her stomach. Kumiko also wears white should
:iconshiningraywolf:ShiningRayWolf 1 2
F-Zero MV Headcanon #8 : Kent Akechi
Full Name : Kent Akechi
Gender : Male
Birthday : July 14th
Age : 25
Height : 1m76 (5.77 ft)
Blood Type : A+
Nationality : Japanese. Raised on planet Fire Field, wandering the solar system as of current.
Family : Chisato Akechi (mother), unknown father
Occupation : Racer, traveler
Likes : Coffee, rain
Dislikes : Cold environment, reading
Physical Description : Kent wears a blue full-body suit with short sleeves and a red shirt underneath. His brown hair has a crown point located on his forehead, with spiked hair radiating in all directions as a sunburst effect. He also sports gray short gloves and silver boots with falcon crests on top of them. A steel plate is on his right shoulder.
Background / Characterisation : When the first F-Zero Grand Prix was in the making, the planet Fire Field was one of the venues selected for an intense
:iconshiningraywolf:ShiningRayWolf 3 2
F-Zero MV Headcanon #7 : Blitz Wagner
Surname : "Bruiser MD"
Real Name : Blitz Wagner
Gender : Male
Birthday : October 26th
Age : 36
Height : 1m87 (6.13 ft)
Blood Type : A-
Nationality : German, born in Munich, adopted and raised by Dr. Stewart in Mute City.
Family : Dr. Stewart (adoptive parent), unknown blood relative
Occupation : Freelance MD, racer
Likes : Practicing medicine, Dr. Stewart
Dislikes : Apples
Physical Description : Blitz Wagner possesses a strong frame due to his experiences with mechanics in general. His brown hair is very short, he also possesses a thin beard as well. The MD wears a steel chest plate and shoulder pads with a dark purple shirt underneath. Blitz has black and silver pants, steel boots, and wears purple braces on his left arm.
Background / Characterisation : Blitz Wagner was born in Munich but lost his parents at a young age
:iconshiningraywolf:ShiningRayWolf 1 0
F-Zero MV Headcanon #6 : Alexander O'Neil
Surname : "Long Shot"
Real Name : Alexander O'Neil
Gender : Male
Birthday : August 23rd
Age : 29
Height : 1m91 (6.26 ft)
Blood Type : B-
Nationality : American. Born in the Lightning area and raised in Mute City
Family : Unknown blood relatives
Occupation : Former quarterback, racer
Likes : Watching past replays of american football
Dislikes : Cheating habits
Physical Description : Alexander O'Neil is an African American who used to be a quarterback for the "Mute Jets" professional football team. As a memento, he is still wearing his team uniform—a green jersey with the number "80" on it, as well as matching green shorts. Alexander lives with a cybernetic shoulder replacement due to an accident on the field.
Background / Characterisation : Alexander grew up in the Lightning Area, a place shrouded permanently by nev
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F-Zero MV Headcanon #5 : Lord Cyber
Known Name : Lord Cyber
Real Name : Blake Gallus
Gender : Male
Birthday : June 22nd
Age : 32
Height : 1m92 (6.3 ft)
Blood Type : B+
Nationality : American. Born and raised in the Mute City suburbs, currently living in Beacon Port
Family : Black Shadow (uncle), unnamed parents, former BS Group servants
Occupation : Baron, Racer
Likes : Quality work, puns
Dislikes : Greed, bad results
Physical Description : Cyber is a blonde man with purple eyes and a tall silhouette. His clothing is comprised of a lengthy vest with steel shoulder plates and smoking-styled pants. His main color scheme is purple, though the presence of dark blue colors is seen on his vest. Cyber also wears a golden necklace with an amethyst carved into it. An emblem resembling a black cross on a white background is located on his vest and is the symbol for his company
:iconshiningraywolf:ShiningRayWolf 0 2
F-Zero MV Headcanon #4 : Nichi
Surname : "The Sweep"
Real Name : Nichi
Gender : Male
Birthday : September 20th
Age : 41
Height : 1m85 (6.06 ft)
Blood Type : A+
Nationality : Native American. Born and raised next to the Red Canyon area.
Family : Silver Neelsen (teacher), unknown parents
Occupation : Racer
Likes : High-speed flight, wisdom
Dislikes : Impatience, being rushed
Physical Description : Nichi is a middle-aged man with a slim stature as well as long dark brown hair tied at the very end. He wears a red bandana on his head and a light brown vest with round white shoulder pads. Beneath the vest is a light blue shirt, white pants, steel kneepads and black boots reminiscent of cowboys from the past. Nichi also possesses a few necklaces that were worn by his tribe back when he was a child.
Background / Characterisation : Nichi lived a nomad lifestyl
:iconshiningraywolf:ShiningRayWolf 1 2
F-Zero MV Headcanon #3 : Jane B. Christie
Full Name : Jane B. Christie "Gazelle", or "Jeanne Béatrice Christie" originally.
Gender : Female
Birthday : November 21st
Age : 23 (claimed to be 20)
Height : 1m65 (5.41 ft)
Blood Type : O-
Nationality : French, taking the American nationality later on. Born in Bianca City and raised in Mute City
Family : Mighty Gazelle (adoptive father), Mighty Gazelle's girlfriend (biological mother)
Occupation : Orphanage aid, outlaw, racer
Likes : Vintage cars, her family
Dislikes : Stereotype mockery
Physical Description : Jane B. Christie is a short woman with long blonde hair. She doesn't use much clothing when racing, wearing only a pair of black boots, teal shorts with a belt sporting the « spade » symbol on it, black long gloves, black armbands, a teal tattoo of the letter ‘J’, and a short black shirt. Outside the
:iconshiningraywolf:ShiningRayWolf 2 4
F-Zero MV Headcanon #2 : Mickey Marcus
Full Name : Mickey "Marcus" McCloud
Gender : Male
Birthday : March 21st
Age : 27
Height : 1m76 (5.77 ft)
Blood Type : A+
Nationality : American. Born and raised in Port Town
Family : James McCloud (father), unknown mother
Occupation : Outlaw, Racer
Likes : Diplomacy, Shakespeare works
Dislikes : Fighting, brash talking
Physical Description : Mickey Marcus is a blonde man wearing an old dark brown jacket and gray gloves. His shirt underneath as well as his pants and boots are primarily jet black. His jacket sports a logo of the Galaxy Dog fighting squadron that decayed over time on each sleeve, as well as a pair of sunglasses tucked inside one of said jacket's pockets. Both are a memento of his father, which Mickey treasures deeply.
Background / Characterisation : Mickey "Marcus" McCloud's early life can be defined as « fol
:iconshiningraywolf:ShiningRayWolf 2 10
F-Zero MV Headcanon #1 : Megan
Surname : "Zealous Flare"
Real Name : Megan Virki
Gender : Female
Birthday : November 6th
Age : 24
Height : 1m74 (5.71 ft)
Blood Type : AB+
Nationality : American with European origins. Born and raised in Mute City.
Family : Unknown parents
Occupation : Martial artist, vigilante, racer
Likes : Fighting, doing the right thing
Dislikes : Boredom, staying idle
Physical Description : Megan is a long-haired brunette woman wearing an indigo body suit with bright yellow outlines. She also uses black armbands, belt, shin guards, shoulder pads, and gray gloves as part of her outfit. The body suit is slightly open to reveal Megan's neck as well as a small beauty spot on her nose.
Background / Characterisation : Ever since her childhood, Megan was always full of energy. She was mostly seen trying to pick fights with other children
:iconshiningraywolf:ShiningRayWolf 2 20
Skyrim related Deviant ID by ShiningRayWolf Skyrim related Deviant ID :iconshiningraywolf:ShiningRayWolf 4 10 Spirit Day's Brawl Snapshot by ShiningRayWolf Spirit Day's Brawl Snapshot :iconshiningraywolf:ShiningRayWolf 6 6 Ragecomic - Goldeneye Wii by ShiningRayWolf Ragecomic - Goldeneye Wii :iconshiningraywolf:ShiningRayWolf 3 10 Deviant ID 08/10/2012 by ShiningRayWolf Deviant ID 08/10/2012 :iconshiningraywolf:ShiningRayWolf 6 14
LGM Shipping
In one of the numerous houses of Goldenrod City in Johto, a couple composed of a man in green and a woman in white clothes and red hair coming from Sinnoh has recently moved there. After taking their time to unpack the few things they have brought from that region and taken a good night sleep, they are now taking on the next day.
This morning, a man is getting dressed with his green suit. The chest part looks like a tiger's stripes and has 2 holes both in front and behind the suit, as if something had bitten it down. The gloves and boots can remind one of a reptile's arms and legs. This man's name is Christopher Annex, better known under his duty name : Beastman. He is not from Sinnoh, or anywhere else in the Pokémon world : he comes from another dimension known for the F-Zero Grand Prix it often hosts in many parts of that universe. Beastman had come into the Pokémon world initially for vacations. He was supposed to go back into his universe after a few days, but when the Sp
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Beastman X Mars by ShiningRayWolf Beastman X Mars :iconshiningraywolf:ShiningRayWolf 4 27


Request - LucyxLeon by pikapelt Request - LucyxLeon :iconpikapelt:pikapelt 4 6 Horsea by Naaraskettu Horsea :iconnaaraskettu:Naaraskettu 56 1 Jody Summer by SIGMARIDER Jody Summer :iconsigmarider:SIGMARIDER 15 15 Setsuna Watch out by Diusym Setsuna Watch out :icondiusym:Diusym 9 0 Who the hell are you? by ArdathLilitu Who the hell are you? :iconardathlilitu:ArdathLilitu 32 12 Lol Ironscale Shyvana by Rud-K Lol Ironscale Shyvana :iconrud-k:Rud-K 98 14 Aggron In Battle Stadium by XxDraconicxX Aggron In Battle Stadium :iconxxdraconicxx:XxDraconicxX 79 3 League of Allies by Revivedracer209 League of Allies :iconrevivedracer209:Revivedracer209 10 4 Blue Falcon by MusicalYandere Blue Falcon :iconmusicalyandere:MusicalYandere 29 4 Just Perfect by Revivedracer209 Just Perfect :iconrevivedracer209:Revivedracer209 6 2 Magic Seagull vs Red Golden Fox by Revivedracer209 Magic Seagull vs Red Golden Fox :iconrevivedracer209:Revivedracer209 6 5 Smog Dump 17 by BummerForShort Smog Dump 17 :iconbummerforshort:BummerForShort 198 15 Aggron by teamspike1 Aggron :iconteamspike1:teamspike1 9 4 F-Zero Boys by MountainSmithy F-Zero Boys :iconmountainsmithy:MountainSmithy 17 8 Deathborn's Defeat by Revivedracer209 Deathborn's Defeat :iconrevivedracer209:Revivedracer209 5 3 7/26 by theunspokenprophet 7/26 :icontheunspokenprophet:theunspokenprophet 190 15
Here my favourites :)


It's one of those journals that pops up once in a while. It's like a sudden jump in WinRAR's profit graph : you don't expect it.

Jokes aside, the reason behind the updated "F-Zero MV Headcanons" is because the original texts were going to serve for a story I had in mind, but never got past the few Chapters. That, and motivation didn't come as naturally as I wanted it to be, so I abandoned that project.

Instead, I've remade those headcanons in a "canon-friendly" way : while keeping some elements from the original texts, I made sure they could still fit in in the franchise, or at least the SNES, X, GX and MV timeline. Revivedracer209 and Siontix of F-Zero Seppuku fame helped me proof-read the newer headcanons, so a big thanks to them. :)
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pikapelt Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Request - LucyxLeon by pikapelt  

Request complete!!  Sorry for the shit scan quality.
ShiningRayWolf Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2019
Yup, saw it just now :)
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Happy birthday!
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Thanks a bunch !
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Buttscottchpiie Featured By Owner May 23, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey I need some advice for F-Zero GX, how do I pass the chapter "Save Jody!" on very hard mode? I tried every strategy and I almost made it to the end a a few times, but it's always at the last second...I'm trying to unlock the Cosmic Dolphin, but I'm also stuck on the Grand Prix chapter as well. What do I do?
ShiningRayWolf Featured By Owner May 23, 2018
For the "Save Jody" chapter, you have to memorize the door's closing patterns. But what you need to practice the most is boost timing. There's an advanced technique called "MT Boosting", where you boost, and at the end of your boost, let go of A and immediatly press A and boost again. Integrating this technique will make this chapter a bit easier, but it is easy to mess up, so you better practice if you intend on using it.

The timing changes depending on the machine's boost length. Blue Falcon has a 1.5 seconds boost, so the timing shouldn't be too hard. If you can, pay also attention to the boost sound this machine makes : it might help you out in finding the right timing.


For Chapter 7, "The Grand Prix", you need to destroy Black Bull at the very start of the race. Black Shadow will always pass you to your left, so make sure to time a side-attack or two to destroy him (default button : X). You'll also want to destroy Blood Hawk as well, but this machine's body has less health than Black Bull, so you should destroy it without too much trouble.

Afterwards, it's all about boost management. Again, MT Boosting will make life easier, but you should use it whenever you can stack 2 or 3 boosts. This is better done in straightways, such as the part without railing or after the health plate near the end. In fact, those parts are the place I'd recommend using boost power on. Use 3 boosts for each.

Hope this will help you out. If you need to, be sure to check some playthroughs on Very Hard on those chapters.
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