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November 23, 2022
Just Down by Shining-Scribe
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Dig a hole, dig a hole,

Take back what your worries stole:

Happy moments, little things

That make your fractured heart still sing.

Raise your arm, raise your arm,

Though your fears have done great harm,

You're still here with what it takes

To swim through life's many great lakes.

Clutch your chest, clutch your chest,

Take a pause during the test;

Anyone who should scoff at you

Is to themselves unkind and untrue.

Watch your tears, watch your tears,

Fall slow as time's moving gears

Taunt you with their swiftness when

Tomorrow you'll just strike back again.

Not out. As long your heart beats, your mind races and your hairs tingle... you are not out. 
As long as there is still light in our eyes, we are not out. 
May we do what we can to remember that. :heart: 
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Thank you!😀 Congratulations!😀