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My Parakeet Rainbow

Lots of keets in the grass. You don't know how hard it is to photograph parakeets in a group like this. They don't hold still and don't stay close enough together to take a decent picture
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Canon PowerShot SD800 IS
Shutter Speed
1/79 second
Focal Length
11 mm
Date Taken
Oct 29, 2007, 4:55:23 AM
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Omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg I LOVE PARAKEETS.
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I can imagine how hard it is.:) Such a precious cute shot<3
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Somethingsomething, like herding cats ... Black Cat Emote comiss- Pandacat la :cat: commis- Pandacat noes Kit Cat - la Pixel: Black Cat cat thrust ... 

Awesome picture!

You have mad skills AND patience to be able to get this shot. Confused Parakeet emoticon 
Sonmoray's avatar
They are cute!
isabell94's avatar
cute parakeet I have 2 parakeet :) he bought on Wednesday and yesterday: D <3! .
ArcaneQueen's avatar
My parakeets would fly away immediately if they were in the grass, by the way I love them ;-; 
PhoenixHeartFeather's avatar
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I love budgies~ :heart: They're so beautiful and cute.
galaxycaptain's avatar
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i have 5 as well and also all the same colors (just two yellow ones)
xxAkatsukiGirl85xx's avatar
ohhhhhhhh so many cute budgies :heart:
Shortwinger's avatar
Awwha! The two in the back look like their kissing <3
Thagirion's avatar
AWESOME! I love budgies! :heart::iconparakeetplz: These are all lovely. My fave is the one in the foreground.
PhotoFalcon's avatar
The two in the back are like, 'Oh hai dere.' XD
puffugu's avatar
So cute, amazing shot with vibrance!
LafflyAdopts's avatar
whats it like having more then one parakeet?
Are they as social with you?
shinigamisgem's avatar
nope, they really don't like human contact. But if you had socialized them at least some, they are used to being held
LafflyAdopts's avatar
Liliipea's avatar
oh my god, how did you get all of them to stay still??!!! birds are forever moving T__T!!
shinigamisgem's avatar
you do something to catch their attention. In my case I just threw a rock into the air and when it landed they froze just long enough
angeoux's avatar
Lol cute
Yelow and light blue busgie kissin' <3
Cute-spider86's avatar
how did you get them not to fly away o.o? are their wings cliped or some think its amazing
shinigamisgem's avatar
yea, clipping is easier for management. but now they have an aviary so i don't
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