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Sticky Notes (Markiplier X Reader)
They started showing up about 2 weeks ago.
The sticky notes.
I don’t know who’s been posting them but they clearly need help.
In the dorms of my college, there’s a bulletin board on each floor of the dorm building. No one uses them though. People usually only use the one down on the main floor to post flyers and other things.
My dorm happens to be right next to my floor’s bulletin board.
I noticed a peculiar sticky note pinned to the board 2 weeks ago. It was a pink sticky note with the simple message of, “Wanna talk?”
There was no number, email, name, or anything left on it. Just those two words.
So, I responded with my own yellow sticky note, “I’ll talk.”
I posted it in the same place that the pink one was in, taking the pink sticky note with me.
That’s what started it.
We began to exchange anonymous sticky notes.
They responded the next day with, “Really?”
The conversations over the next few days went ok. We beg
:iconhopelessly-dreaming:Hopelessly-Dreaming 32 6
My Imaginary Friend (AntitakingcareofXChild!Reader
*Your POV*
“Where are you you little creep? Come on out…” You saw Anti open a cabinet across from yours and you giggled softly, quickly covering your mouth.
He rolled his eyes and looked around a bit more till coming to your cabinet. “(Y/n), are you in here?”
You didn’t answer but as he opened the door, you tackled him to the ground and began tickling him.
“Ah ha-h-hey!!! That’s not h-how this game-WORKS!” He laughed uncontrollably, beginning to glitch out at the same time. You laughed with him, continuing to tickle him all around.
Anti was by far one of the bestest friends you’ve ever had-even if no one but you had ever seen him. He claims that adults are just blind to his ‘bossness’ but when your friends couldn’t see him...He just blamed that they were lying. People kept referring to him as your ‘imaginary friend’ but...You and him knew better!
He also kind of reminded you of your dad too-or rat
:iconnightninja456:nightninja456 11 3
I Can Love You Like That (Dark X Reader)
A.N. Hey guys so the first part of this is the same as the previous ‘Knock (Dark X Reader)’ All you gotta do is scroll till you see the first asterixis and then you’ll be in the new stuffff ^^
You stood in front of his door with your letter in hand. Today would be the day. Today would be the day where you finally got the nerve to try and tell him exactly how you felt.
Today: your fairy tale would come to life.
All you had to do was knock.
You raised your hand to the door and hesitated. Why were you nervous? You knew in your heart that he loved you back. He had to. You knew that this was your moment with him.
All you had to do was knock.
You finally move your fist and rap once.
You could hear Chica barking instinctively inside while Mark called he was coming. You couldn’t help but giggle at the familiarity of it all. Either that or your nerves were overriding everything. Everything will be ok (Y/n)! Just wait a little-
:iconnightninja456:nightninja456 13 6
A Demon's Birthday|Antisepticeye x Reader
"Hey, Anti?"
"Hmm?" The glitch hummed as he laid down in your bed, staring up at the ceiling absentmindedly, debating whether or not he should throw his knife up at it.
"Have you seen Tumblr recently? It's practically blowing up with birthday notifications for you," you chuckled, scrolling through the tags and seeing all of the Anti fanart, edits, etc., with birthday wishes attached to many of them.
It seemed that everybody has established today as Anti's birthday, given that it marked the first day that he was seen on Jack's channel. But it made sense, though.
"Wait..seriously?" Anti blinked slowly, sitting up and glancing over to see you on your computer, before he glitched beside you to take a look. His eyes widened in slight surprise. " nice of them." He grinned, though moments later it faded as another thought crossed his mind. " the others know or..?"

You simply shrugged in response, although deep down, you knew that th
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 182 57
Dear Mr. Right (Wilford Warfstache X Reader)
Reporters are trained to develop a sixth sense, a nose for when a story smells fishy. And something about this one wasn’t right. 
First of all, this letter was… really strange. 
(Y/N) wasn’t a full on reporter yet. She was a writer for the ask column in the local paper until she was promoted to a real reporter. 
She worked at the news station where she was allowed to have a little office on the third floor of the building where she’d wrote responses to letters for the paper. 
She was trying to understand this newest letter that had been sent in by a man. 
Well, not exactly sent in.
It was just set on her desk. It was just on her desk when she came in. No sending address or return address. 
There had been a sticky note attached to it that was asking her to answer the letter in the column for tomorrow.
On the envelope was just her fake column name ‘White Lily’ written by hand. She could tell that whoever wrote it took thei
:iconhopelessly-dreaming:Hopelessly-Dreaming 52 18
Starlight (Markiplier X Reader)
“The universe is so big,” the teacher was saying, “We still see light from the stars that died millions of years ago.”
Mark sat up straight, flipping open his notebook to write on a new page: “Where does a star go when it dies?”
His notebook was filled with drawings of a woman on top of a hill, staring at the stars.
Sometimes she’d be reaching out to them, as if calling for someone in the sky.
Her hair would sway slightly in the soft wind, her skirt following behind, making her look like the paintings he’d see in the art museum whenever his friends would drag him along.
She was wearing a short strapless white dress that stopped just above her knees, a pair of thick leggings under the skirt and a pair of black lace up combat boots.
She’d have herself raised up onto her toes as she reached, seeming desperate sometimes to grasp the invisible item she was looking for.
Some of the drawings were close up to her, others from far away, but
:iconhopelessly-dreaming:Hopelessly-Dreaming 26 5
Candles (Antisepticeye X Male! Doctor! Reader)
They tried to keep him secret. The doctors didn’t know what had happened to him and didn’t want him out in society.
“We wanted to protect you.” They told him.
“He’s dangerous.”
They just don’t know him well enough.
“I want to see him.”
“(Y/N), that’s not a good idea-”
“Please… 5 minutes. That’s all I ask.”
The two older doctors sighed.
The greenette looked at him with a worried expression, “Are you sure about this?”
“Without the slightest bit of doubt, I know I’m sure.”
“Wait, Sean-!”
“No… He’ll drop it when he sees him. Just let him see him and he’ll understand.”
“But still…”
“It’ll be fine.”
“Fine. Five minutes.”
The room he was in was heavily reinforced. A large glass window looking into a dark room was in front of th
:iconhopelessly-dreaming:Hopelessly-Dreaming 26 13
Anti x Tiny!Reader
(Okay, so this is like, gonna be KIND OF a branching path off the Robbie G/T story I wrote, except let's say that Marv finally chanted the right spell, turning you back to normal, however... Anti was not too happy about that, he never got a chance to play with you~ So now, he's gonna shrink you down with some kinda weird demon magic just shh and roll with it k?)
You were wandering around what appeared to be... Well, you could honestly barely make it out, it was so dark you could barely see five feet in front of you.
You gulped, getting shivers down your spine as you tried to look at your surroundings, desperately wanting to know where you were "I-Is anyone out there?" You called out...
Silence, not a peep from anyone... Until, you heard a faint giggle in the distance, this unnerved you immensely but, being the curious little bean that you are, you decided to investigate.
You got closer and closer, then the g
:iconpurpleguyfan101:PurpleGuyFan101 33 24
Holiday Cheer (Jacksepticeye Ending)
Jacksepticeye’s Ending:  
A warm hand grabbed onto his wrist and yanked her out of the road. When her feet hit the sidewalk, she felt another arm wrap around her waist to press her to someone taller than her.
“Be careful! You could’ve been hurt!” A loud Irish voice flooded into her ears. It was a male tenor voice that held a fair amount of concern. 
(Y/N) opened her eyes and looked at the man facing her. His hair was a mocha color that looked newly dyed, and his eyes were a striking blue. He was thin, a lean frame to him. Not weak but not overly strong either. Pale skin stood out greatly compared to his hair. A dark grey beanie sat on his head and he was wearing a heavy black coat with what looked like a lighter brown shirt underneath. He was wearing dark blue jeans and black boots as well. 
“Is she alright, Dad?” A female voice added to (Y/N)’s left. She looked over at the young woman. The girl was probably 16, a beautiful
:iconhopelessly-dreaming:Hopelessly-Dreaming 28 14
Holiday Cheer (Markiplier Ending)
Markiplier’s Ending:  
“Daddy!” Two little voices screamed from several feet away.
Two large warm arms encircled (Y/N)‘s waist and pulled her to the right. She felt her heels hit a curb and fell backwards into someone. She could also hear the car stop a little farther down.
“What the hell were you thinking jumping out into the street like that? Are you trying to get yourself killed?” A deep voice sounded from behind her in a slightly angry tone, but he most sounded relieved. He was panting slightly, like he’d run a mile right before talking to her.
(Y/N) finally opened her eyes and looked behind her.
A kind looking man was holding onto her. Dark coffee colored hair adorned his head with a matching pair of mocha colored eyes. He was wearing a large pair of rectangular glasses over his eyes.
He had a larger build due to the defined muscles under the jacket he was wearing. He was wearing a light grey cardigan with another sweat
:iconhopelessly-dreaming:Hopelessly-Dreaming 31 10
Holiday Cheer (Youtubers X Single Mom!Reader)INTRO
Winter always looked beautiful in LA. All the lights strung up on buildings and businesses made for an enjoyable walk down any Main Street.
Blue and white lights adorned the well-maintained trees that sprinkled the sidewalks in the big city, shining like little stars in the night time.
It was frigid outside today.
A small hand rested in hers, about half of the size of her hand. It was in a tiny black mitten, a comfort to her so that she knew the owner of the little hand wasn’t cold.
“Mommy?” A small voice called from her side. She looked down at them and smiled.
“Yes, Sweetheart?” She smiled, looking at her son.
He looked just like his father.
He had soft chestnut colored hair that was cut short just like how he wanted it, displaying two bright and beautiful hazel colored eyes.
He was bundled in a dark red coat and a pair of jeans. He wore boots to keep his feet warm and didn’t mind the two little mittens on his hands.
“Will Santa come and visi
:iconhopelessly-dreaming:Hopelessly-Dreaming 30 9
You Missed One! (Jack X Reader)
*Your POV*
“Top of the mornin’ to ya laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye and I’m here with my lovely girlfriend, (Y/n)!”
You waved at the camera, chuckling. “Hello everyone!” you greeted kindly.
He chuckled and pulled you close. “You’re so cute!”
You whined. “Jaaack!”
He chuckled. “Anyway! What are we doing today (Y/n)?”
You smiled and presented the empty tree behind us. “Well, Christmas is just around the corner-”
“Tomorrow actually!”
You nodded. “Aaaand, we thought it’d be a fun idea to decorate the tree!”
“Yep!” You both chuckled.
“Well, let’s get started!!!”
You and him quickly began to decorate the tree together.
You two had been together for quite a while now; going onto 3 years now actually. You moved in maybe about a year and a half ago too and have been enjoying being together through thick and thin. He was just...amazing, you know
:iconnightninja456:nightninja456 22 5
Cool we made it. by DanielasDoodles Cool we made it. :icondanielasdoodles:DanielasDoodles 117 13
Thunderhoof x Reader (RiD)
You groaned as your phone rang next to you on the nightstand. As it rang again, you rose groggily with a sigh. Who was calling this late at night? You didn't know yet, but you were about to give that jerk a mouthful! The sun wasn't even up yet! Who does this?! With an angry huff, you picked up your phone and turned it on, glancing at the clock.
'3: oo A.M.' You made a face at the time, but answered it anyway.
"Yes?" You asked grumpily, voice laced with sleepiness and anger.
"Hey, um, ______? I, uh, sorry for how early it is, but um...I kinda have a big favor to ask."
"Arnold, it's three in the fucking morning, what do you need this early?"
"Well, you see, I kind of found...The Kospego."
"The Kospego?" You asked, eyebrow raising in a non-believeing manner.
He called you at three in the morning over some legend?
"Yes." With an aggravated and defeated sigh, you carried on.
"Ok, what does that have to do with me?"
"You do...Have a generator, don't you? And some stuff in your shed that you
:iconanimefangirl-peggy65:Animefangirl-Peggy65 12 3
Dark and Will by SonicSpeedz Dark and Will :iconsonicspeedz:SonicSpeedz 147 11 It's Markplier birthday!! by yukichan2606 It's Markplier birthday!! :iconyukichan2606:yukichan2606 60 1



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