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Dot brush tones PS7 heart

This is another Brush
I use it especially for Mangasides.
It's really great.

Hope it could help you.
It would be nice if you left any comment.

other brushes

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Very nice hearts

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These are really beautiful. :) I like!
icu109's avatar
very nice and great that there are still a good number of resources for PS7!
Starberrypatch's avatar
Can you make this into regulap zip? I cant unzip rar
icu109's avatar
WinRar is free, just google it and download and use
XxSunny-chan's avatar
I searched for this everywhere, thanx :D
isaia01's avatar
I do not speak English but I hope I like this page to somebody ke instructions on this page.I want to learn!
Minuet-Melody's avatar
Awesome! I'm going to download them, nice work :D
Avinacode101's avatar
I aim to use this eventually!
Dang-It-Bangles's avatar
lacunacoil4's avatar
I've used your brush here: [link] thanx ;P :)
shiroyasha09's avatar
i used you brush here thanks man!
monjinka's avatar
Hoo this looks great, maybe i can use it...I download it now. Thank you very much C:
NeoNNerd08's avatar
How beautiful! :D
Speedvore's avatar
Thank you, these brushes were very helpful. ^^ [link]
Hisietari's avatar
And another beautiful brush set. Thanks! ^^
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thanks for comment
Sushili's avatar
cool! I'm going to try this out. thank you :)
ShinigamiNoAkui's avatar
thanks for comment
lollipoppop's avatar
uhmm... how do i clicked download... but what do i do next? o_o? i'm very sorry to bother you!! i'm just such a newb ><"
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