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Empress Hoshi Sato

Empress Hoshi Sato from Star Trek, Mirror Universe. Photo by Nam.
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"You're speaking with Empress Sato. Prepare to receive instructions."
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I'm working on a mirror Hoshi cosplay and was wondering if you had any tips
csuhsux's avatar
oh my god you are so hot and I loved those episodes. earlier this year I met Gary Grahm at a con in San Jose he played Ambassador Suvall on that Star Trek series.
kaipurge's avatar
Beautiful and amazing Hoshi cosplay =)
BabaNobuharu's avatar
The stomach was really uncovered? I cannot remember ... it seems to me that I only had eyes for T'Pol ...
xechon's avatar
Love it! This is a perfect mirror universe Hoshi :) Did you have to do the patch custom?
Hellkite-1's avatar
Long live the Empress 
MinorFiction's avatar
We are not worthy!
GreyAreaRK1's avatar
Stunning, and supernova hot.
essexgunner2003's avatar
Love your pics, can I share this on my FB page please?
DarkYorik's avatar
Looks exactly like in my dreams <3
yankee30's avatar

will you be cosplaying  the mirror unicverse
from  Star Trek TOS ?

I know that TV series was before you were born
but the 1960's were also sexy

ShinigamiN3ko's avatar
If i have the extra cash for it, I will :3 I have a con coming up so I've been basically cash drained XD
Neville6000's avatar
You should cosplay her in her ceremonial Empress dress (Japanese style, similar to Queen Amidala's), and in a standard dress for a royal person (something without a bare midriff.) But I like this costume as well-great work.
ShinigamiN3ko's avatar
I'll see if I can either draw something similar or if somebody already did a fan art of that :3 I'll give it a go :3
gamera68's avatar
The resemblance is uncanny :)

Excellent cospaly :heart:
ShinigamiN3ko's avatar
Thank you very much :3 This one is probably one of my favorite costumes. :)
gamera68's avatar
You're welcome :)

I can see that!
Colonelengle's avatar
You've done really well with the costume. I think Empress Sato had a little bit darker makeup but that's the only difference that stands out. You did real spot on with this. Great job. =)
ShinigamiN3ko's avatar
thank you :D Next time I wear this outfit I'll go a bit darker on the makeup :3
benevulcan's avatar
You're sure you didn't mess around with the timeline somehow? - obviously you ARE empress Hoshi ;-)
ShinigamiN3ko's avatar
lol XD maybe I did :P
Tiberius47's avatar
Wow, you really look a lot like her here.
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