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The Foxes and the Raven

Ohhh, so bad! My guy suggested it, I had to giggle and get to work. XB
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BloodyEye's avatar
Hehehehe!!! It's a twisted version on the old fable! I love it!
OniVrask's avatar
That's funny! Funny and cute as heck.
lunaguineapig's avatar
r they having sex?
Raccoonie's avatar
That's pretty cute if the crow wasn't there and you didn't know what they were doing xD Haha Lovely art :D
21WolfHeart's avatar
dirty little foxes.....LOL
Elreydelleon's avatar
And he shall delve into his curiosity nevermore... :o
LeosSquirrels's avatar
IamETOH's avatar
I would drop my cheese too. :nod:
GenkoFox's avatar

How friggi-- I mean AWEsome!
lol and funny! x3
I'd wouldn't want to see what they'll do with that newly dropped cheese! xDDD
Squall179's avatar
If I was a squirrel and saw that, I''d drop my nuts like the raven dropped the cheese...
FosterTheFox's avatar
That's one way to drop the cheese.
Leo-17-0-2's avatar
Uhuu ;)
---------> Faaavo ^^
Mancoin's avatar
:rofl: now that's genius xD
Addones's avatar
Aww. Thats soo cute.
proyecto-LOA's avatar
hahaha! the raven drops the cheese. :P

the boy fox seems to like being watched. almost didn't notice that bit. clever.

excellent work!
ixbalam's avatar
StreaksPsyche's avatar
Yep, God's design.
thetravelingbard's avatar
muwahahah! hilarious!
Pretty funny. I just like the look in the ravens face. XD
Zritts's avatar
Heh, I should've bought this print when I had the chance. ^^;
Very cute. <3
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