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Sexy Back

(Last one of the upload flood, I promise! I haven't been keeping up with DA very well)

Oho, horrible title. :)

Just a little somethin' somethin' for EF, which I doodled while on the phone. Brown inking pen over sketch.
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Sexy! You should make a front image!!
Manjaro-Wolf's avatar
Wandering-wolves's avatar just raised my standards on "sexy".XD
It's beautiful.I could learn so much just by LOOKING at it!

A simple,yet inspiring piece.:)
SnapeisSexy's avatar
awesome =
your names a total WIN btw :heart:
Shinigami's rock.
Especially Ryuk
shifter-of-night's avatar
sexy back, waaahh~~
me likes tht soong~~
awesome pic!
moonfeather's avatar
Wow your fur textures have improved phenominally! Gorgeous hun!
DragonSerenade's avatar
Did you really drew/sketch this ? :?
shinigamigirl's avatar
Uh, yes, why the hell would I post it and say I did if I didn't? That's kind of a rude question.
DragonSerenade's avatar
ohh , sorry ...
I didn't mean to be rude ...
I just want to know OK ...
No hard feelings ?
928's avatar
Excellent detail.
ardashir's avatar
Love the detail work, and the way his muscles are working under the thick pelt.
ichigos-kay's avatar
love this pic XD may i use it for ref please??
shinigamigirl's avatar
Sure, as long as you redraw it and not modify the original, and as long as you credit me. :)
ichigos-kay's avatar
of course thank you so much i hope i do it justice XD
Mottenfest's avatar
I'm loving that texture, and the little feets.
Tails301's avatar
Keep it up.
Exotic-Silver's avatar
Nice anatomy! I love seeing all those muscles in its back. Great pose as well. ;)
SilveryFrostDragon's avatar
Great pose! I really like the fur texture and the look on his face. But now I have that song stuck in my head!
TheGypsyByrd's avatar
this may sound weird but I love the way you draw wolf feet O__o love the muscle+fur texture! looks awesome, totally doesnt look like a doodle!
RickGriffin's avatar
So what you're saying is that you're bringing sexy back
shinigamigirl's avatar
Yes, it's horrible! XD
GhostWolff's avatar
Whaaaaat insane detail that's crazy..
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