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5"x7" watercolor piece, with a bit of white acrylic. As you can see, the background was a bit of an afterthought to the lineart, unfortunately. Or maybe it's just very hard sand, heh.

Bf and I joked that she doesn't need a bikini top; she's European! :O
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She beautiful!:love:
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That is awesome work on this pic.
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stunning work C:
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Europeans don't wear tops at the beach? Wieeeeeerd!
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It's not that they don't, but they have the choice not to. Some do, some don't, but in most places I've been to the vast majority still do.
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hmm, Methinks I need to take a trip to europe....
O////////////O So that's why she ain't got a bikini top. And hooray for mini oceans in shells.
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And can i ask why se doesn't need a bikini top just for beeing european?
Great drawing, by the way, It's very cool, and i like the anatomy a lot, it's awesome ^^
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In many European countries it's not considered odd for a woman to be topless on the beach to tan (it doesn't have to be a nudist beach).
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I Know i know, but that doesn't mean she has to be topless by need :XD:
Just asking =3
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awsom drawing, you painted that?
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Yes, why else would I be uploading it?
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