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My Ball

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This little guy is approx 3"x3", was made to fit into a cute little frame I have and sold at the EF art show.

Yes that's a tennis ball, I guess he is a pocket woof. :P
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*offers him a little squeak-toy bone*
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Okay... The moment I saw this I let out a rather embarrassingly loud "Awwww!!"

This is just so adorable!! +INSTAFave!
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AWWWWWWWH so cute!!!!
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That's so sweet I think you gave me diabetes 0u0
Over-used joke, I know, but still, this is incredibly cute, and the artwork is exceptional.

Maybe it's not that he's small, maybe one of those giant tennis balls like my sister's dog has, he chases it around the garden and then we have to take it away when he tries to chew the fluff off it.
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Awwww he's so cute!! :la::la:
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So cute! And I've seen dodgeballs that look like tennis balls and have same texture! He could be bigger I guess xD Lol.
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Awe so cute... =^-^=
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Soooo cuuuuute. (^__^)
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awwww that is so adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!
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awwww pocket woof.
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dáaw I´d love to take care of one such little fellow :) especially when they stay at this size XD
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Awww, adorable lil pocket wolf. Wish I had one, bet they're good company.
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D'awwwwwwww! ^_^
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That is so damned adorable! :D
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:excited: SO CUTE! ZOMG!
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I'd say this is cute but I'm still trying to decide if the title is an innuendo or not. :| If it's not then it's UBER CUTE!!! :D
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It's not an innuendo, don't worry, I'm not so twisted! It's supposed to be "My ball!" (as in nyaaaah) but devart doesn't allow exclamation points.
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OK good, didn't want something this cute and innocent to be tainted. :D
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Aww he's so cute, really well done ^_^
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