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This scanned badly. But it was either that or having the watercolor paper texture all over it. D: There is quite a bit more subtly blue sky visible in the original. Also, the feathers are now painted over in iridescent acrylic, it looks really neat!

All watercolor over graphite lines (except for aforementioned iridescent paint)
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WhIppIng-b0y's avatar
How do you do those expressions?
anubismark's avatar
did you know that the eyes on a peacocks fan rotate outward clockwise?
Raccoonie's avatar
One word: BEAUTIFUL. There's not much more I can say. It's just so.....BEAUTIFUL :D <333
Manjaro-Wolf's avatar
I love it :D she's beautiful :)
White-Dragon-Fang's avatar
The movement and flow in this is awesome.
Toxyk-Poysuneng's avatar
Absolutely love the pose! Very good work, I love your anatomy, and your flawless coloring.
928's avatar
Beautiful job. The scan doesn't even make it look bad, well done.
ardashir's avatar
I love the feeling of movement you have here. She's so beautiful... :love:
Schatten-Drache's avatar
Really beautiful, it looks like she is dancing in the air!
MoonsongWolf's avatar
I love the soft colours on this one. There's a sense of motion that's captured in both the dynamic pose and the streaming feather strands. Beautiful! :)
PeachTabby's avatar
lol looks like her nipple's leaking blue smoke X3 *so immature*
MorganMidnight's avatar
I thought that too! lol. But it looks awesome!!!!
SilveryFrostDragon's avatar
Ooo great pose! the feathers do look washed out, but they look very nice that way! Such a shame scanners don't capture a picture perfectly.
Lycanian's avatar
Love the hair!
TheGypsyByrd's avatar
this is adorable. love her pose and the feathers are real neat ^_^
meihua's avatar
what a fun and fanciful image, very beautiful and elegant :)
Splitlipgypsy's avatar
Wonderful job on this! :)
WhiteMink's avatar
Cute, I love her feathered wrist accessories.
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