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My trade with the who's awesomeness rocks my panties. UnF. Her blue hoss, Ecume.

This took fucking forever and any feedback would be appreciated, guys. <3

Detail: [link]

Edit: Jeebus guys, of course I looked at an Ecume pic of Oxer's while drawing the mane and tail. She has all the l337 realistic hair drawing skills. They bring all the boys to the yard. =O
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This picture, believe it or not, is the reason I made a deviantart account when I was back in middleschool. I had initially seen it on artspots and was scared away from deviantart by a few other deviations I had seen from other users with cursing in the descriptions (oh noes, swear words, whatever should my sixth grade self have done) but because you were on here, I finally sucked it up and made a DA, and I've made some of my closest friends through this site. But more importantly, thank you, not just for inspiring me to get on the website but for inspiring a young artist to pursue her dreams. You've always been a big inspiration of mine. Even years later, I still think about this piece from time to time.