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Dreams of Winter

Tiny little piece for FC. She has silver paint on the jewelry, and the little heart is iridescent.
As always, the white is not really as white irl, there's a lot of subtle shading missing.
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I love cats, and this beautiful picture is 1 of a kind.
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Love this. Reminds me of my friend that moved away D: Her fursona was a snow leopard. Great job though ^-^
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Still a lovely snow meow, thanks for sharing her :)
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This is wonderful. The colors and her lovely eyes just makes this a beautiful work.
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she's so gorgeous
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Her hair looks like it would have been fun to do :)
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Very neat! I love the soft coloring and the textures. Her hair is especially cool. :D
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Gorgeous form and bright tones in the colors. The slight blue light is perfect for the snow leopard look, as are her blue eyes and big bushy tail. Very sexy tail. :3

Gorgeous work on the tail and the fur. The background would be a little strange and flat if it weren't for the hair: the hair adds a surreal, spaceless quality to the image that implies a very free floating, entrancing environment and character. And, after looking into her eyes for too long, one just may become hypnotized...
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Wow, thank you so much for the kind and thought out comment! :)
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Thank you for the beautiful art! Good to see you posting again. :)
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Wait, wait, I think it was posted here before...
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It was posted on other sites I have my work on a while ago, but not here. I double checked just to make sure. XD
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Absolutely beautiful work! Instant favorite! Very much like a flawless figure from a dream with her pose and floating hair. Awesome job!
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Beautiful and lovely!

I really like the heart!
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Gorgeous. I love the litttle pink tips on her fingers =^_^=
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wow. just lovely. great hair, body, face/eyes and coloring
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