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99% watercolor, with a tad of white acrylic ink for the highlights. This went to the FC art show.
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She beautiful!:love:
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Verry good.the texture and lighting are just right.😻
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It's Very Nice
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Wonderful job with this. I love ^-^
Iamyouandyouareme2's avatar
You can jump up and down on this memory foam mattress and the glass of wine never moves! no more spills and you wont desterb your partner! i couldent resist. i saw the bed then the glass of wine thats what came to mind great job.
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Rrrrr... she makes me purrr ... :drool:
scottrottweiler's avatar
i love you pretty vixen you're cute!
WarIndustry's avatar
This is fantastic! so much detail :heart:_:heart:
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love how soft the fur looks <3
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I love the way you drew her expression.
InsidiousVendetta's avatar
You seem to enjoy your cloth and your wine. :P

Very impressive detailing. Great work, I especially love her tail and for some reason her right arm. Might be the absolutely gorgeous lighting effect you painted in on the hand depicting tinted light as it is filtered through the wine.

Love it!
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Amazing work ;o;
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