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Rest In Peace by Shinigami-Spartan Rest In Peace :iconshinigami-spartan:Shinigami-Spartan 1 0 RAMelia by Shinigami-Spartan RAMelia :iconshinigami-spartan:Shinigami-Spartan 5 0 Shadow Clone Technique by Shinigami-Spartan Shadow Clone Technique :iconshinigami-spartan:Shinigami-Spartan 1 0 [Trickster Online] 3rd Job Raccoon by Shinigami-Spartan [Trickster Online] 3rd Job Raccoon :iconshinigami-spartan:Shinigami-Spartan 3 0 It's Gilbert's Ghost Now by Shinigami-Spartan It's Gilbert's Ghost Now :iconshinigami-spartan:Shinigami-Spartan 3 0 Children by Shinigami-Spartan Children :iconshinigami-spartan:Shinigami-Spartan 2 0 The Guardian and the Country by Shinigami-Spartan The Guardian and the Country :iconshinigami-spartan:Shinigami-Spartan 3 0 Sorrow by Shinigami-Spartan Sorrow :iconshinigami-spartan:Shinigami-Spartan 5 5 Put this on YouTube by Shinigami-Spartan Put this on YouTube :iconshinigami-spartan:Shinigami-Spartan 5 1 Russian Guardian by Shinigami-Spartan Russian Guardian :iconshinigami-spartan:Shinigami-Spartan 6 0 Her Voice by Shinigami-Spartan Her Voice :iconshinigami-spartan:Shinigami-Spartan 2 0 For All Time by Shinigami-Spartan For All Time :iconshinigami-spartan:Shinigami-Spartan 7 1 Kryptonite by Shinigami-Spartan Kryptonite :iconshinigami-spartan:Shinigami-Spartan 4 2 Alone by Shinigami-Spartan Alone :iconshinigami-spartan:Shinigami-Spartan 12 2 Wonderland by Shinigami-Spartan Wonderland :iconshinigami-spartan:Shinigami-Spartan 3 0 Freaqshow by Shinigami-Spartan Freaqshow :iconshinigami-spartan:Shinigami-Spartan 7 0
You have my permission to use my work unless you give me credit.

Medigun Stamp by francoslavic-banter H8RS GONNA H8 by heatherazzi
I'm Lazy by Wearwolfaa Sapper Stamp by Stollrofl Hetalia and History by McMitters Fandom Crossover Stamp by Feniiku My Memory Sucks by renatalmar Raise your hand... by Crystal-Artist Brain Image by fear-the-brilliance MMD Stamp + PLZ account by Shioku990 WhyShouldIWorryWhyShouldICaaa-aaaaare by endler Crossover Mania of the Century by endler Halo and Hetalia Crossover Stamp by Shinigami-Spartan So You Hate Hetalia? by CrimsonRika Stop fandom abuse - Hetalia by HyaKkiDouR4n Destiny and Hetalia crossover stamp by Shinigami-Spartan

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Annie Leonhardt by trixdraws Annie Leonhardt :icontrixdraws:trixdraws 3,888 165 Mikasa Ackerman by trixdraws Mikasa Ackerman :icontrixdraws:trixdraws 2,900 105 Reiner Braun by trixdraws Reiner Braun :icontrixdraws:trixdraws 2,960 147 Christa Renz by trixdraws Christa Renz :icontrixdraws:trixdraws 2,410 62 Jean Kirschtein by trixdraws Jean Kirschtein :icontrixdraws:trixdraws 4,125 238
England x Reader .Past Days.
England x Reader: Past Days: One-Shot
_____ sighed as she walked down the moonlit park path. Her (h/c) hair that framed her face moved with the soft breeze. “It's really nice out tonight...” She smiled to herself as she headed to her favorite park bench. It was the one that looked out over the parks public memorial of days past, and the original beginnings of her small town. She was amazed that it even still existed.
As ____ came around the corner she could see the beginnings of the memorial pond, and the great mast of a Victorian styled ship jutting above the trees. 'I wonder how fun it would have been to be aboard that ship when it actually sailed the sea...' she thought methodically as she came around the final curve with the ship and pond in full view.
With a smile she looked to the bench where she could spend hours just staring at the ship bathed in moonlight without being disturbed. Instantly her smile disappeared and she stopped short. There was someone there. Grante
:iconkittara-jaganshi:kittara-jaganshi 3 2
England X Bullied!Reader: He Does Exist
     "Look, there she is!"
     "Where's you 'friend' now?"
     "He doesn't exist!"
     You hear the other students make fun of you and talk bad about you as you walk through the halls of the school. He does exist! Arthur Kirkland talks to me every day! The others just don't see them. You could describe him perfectly! Huge eyebrows, beautiful emerald eyes, messy blonde hair. . . It could go on!
     He isn't real, they say. Get a life! You can't get a boyfriend with you looking like that, so you just made one yourself! Those arses. 
     Screw them! Who needs their crap?! 
     He is real. . . Right?
( ~~~
:iconanimegamer1223:AnimeGamer1223 769 244
Your Turn- EnglandxReader
“Arthur, come on,” you groaned when Arthur would continually ignore you as he lay on the bed with his eyes closed and facing you. His features were peaceful as he ignored everything in his half-awake state, which annoyed you, a lot, “Get up and off your flipping, sexy ass already and go check up on the baby already...”
Arthur, in an uncommon but justifiable stroke of immaturity, chose to ignore you as you continued to complain, deciding to just encase you in his lean but strong arms and chest to keep you from moving. He smiled as he buried his face in you neck, quietly listening to your words as he lies there. You frowned at your husband and the sounds of your darling child calling for you and Arthur, sleepy parents, from the nursery room.
Sleepily, you said to Arthur again, “For crying out loud Arthur, please, it's your turn to check on the baby...”
Arthur lifted one of his eyelids to allow his glittering green eyes to stare at yo
:iconixmay:Ixmay 252 21
Awesome Trio X Reader ~ Quack
"Will you come with us, _____?"
"What about Alfred?"
"He'll come after us, fräulein."
"What on the Earth have you three planned again?" you snorted doubtfully, to which Mathias only laughed for a reply.
"I understand that as a 'yes'!" he grinned.
"It is something like it, I guess..." you smiled more fondly. Even though they were idiots every once in a while, they were really important idiots for you. Gilbert grabbed your hand and lead you with the Dane to the beach nearby. It wasn't just an ordinary beach, it was more like a small lagoon. A little strip of land surrounded the beach, making a non-closing circle. In the lagoon swam a big pack of ducks, and Gilbert looked at them in some way hypnotizedly. Mathias pushed the German's side playfully.
"Look, Gilbird's relatives have all gathered here!"
"Pfft, my bird isn't even related to those bun ducks!" he said. There was a bench on the top of the 'circle', where Mathias and Gilbert sat. Wind messed up your hair, and only the ducks quacke
:iconxxgiggledeathproxx:xXGiggleDeathProXx 205 192
Getting there... by moni158 Getting there... :iconmoni158:moni158 10,636 631
Suck it up Mom!2p!Fem!AmericaxReader
Suck it Up
Mom!2P!Fem!America x Reader
  You were a sweet young baby was born into a rough family. You were crying as your mother, Emily Jones rocked you. Your father Jason growled to himself. “Emily will you make that fucking kid shut up! I’m trying to focus on anything but that!” He complained. The short haired woman laughed and took a straw from her drink and tossed it at him.
  “Suck it up.”
  Years from then you grew up to be four years old. You were a happy little toddler and played outside with your uncle’s pet wolf when you tripped on the rough ground. You held your petite knee as it bled, tears quickly rolled down your cheeks.
  “Mommy!” you cried loudly. Emily came over and squatted to your height.
  “What is it baby doll?” She asked in a careless manor, you knew she actually meant it but she just had a strong attitude.
  “I-I scrapped my knee.”  You sobbed again. She rolled her eyes and took the straw fr
:iconspicecat7:SpiceCat7 445 73
F.A.C.E x Reader: Halloween Jitters
“That was the worst party ever.” Francis said turning on the lights to the house as he walked in the front door.
“I’ve got to agree.” Arthur said as he entered the house. “I mean the music was terrible the guest list was okay at best and the food was dreadful.”
“Even your food isn’t that bad.” Alfred said crashing on the couch next to Matthew.
“I don’t rather to take that as an insult or a compliment.” Arthur said as you shut the door behind you. You and the guys just got back from a Halloween party that one of Alfred’s friends threw and your weren’t really impressed. You went over and sat on the couch next to Francis and laid your head on his shoulder.
“Tired, mon cher?” he asked as you shook your head.
“No just kind of bored.” He smiled as he stroked your (h/c) hair.
“Hey the night is still young.” Alfred said smiling. “How about we tell ghost stories?
:iconmad-mocha:Mad-Mocha 110 57
Drunken Mistake (Slight Norway X Reader)
"Hey, Norway?" you call to him from the couch you were currently being lazy on, in the Nordics' living room.
The Norwegian glances away from a certain Dane (who was just begging to be choked), and toward you to show that you have his attention
"There's something really important that I need to talk to you about." you say nonchalantly.
Denmark snickers. "Ohh, you're in trouble, Nor~!"
Norway barely acknowledges him.
"What is it, [Name]?" he asks, slightly, yet not noticeably, worried. What had he done wrong?
"You know... There was this Swedish guy, Carl von Linné." you say, examining your nails.
"Hm?" the Norwegian grunts, as a sign for you to continue.
"And he was the one that divided all thos animals and plants and stuff into families with Latin names, right?" you ask. It wasn't exactly a question, but you needed to finish the sentence in some way.
The quiet blonde nodds.
"Yeah. Well, one of those families is the Canidae family."
"I'm aware, [Name]." Norway was beginning
:icondarknessonmyeyes:DarknessOnMyEyes 173 58
America x Reader ~ The Portrait ~
It was a really boring afternoon the day I met her.  Arthur convinced me to go visit an antique art exhibit, & out of politeness mostly, I obliged him.   The art was really boring for the most part, nothing interesting or worth watching.  There was lots of old people.   Old people remind me of old Georgie'.  He was tough, that old tyrant, very resilient.  Threw a boot at Arthur once.....
A flash caught my eye.  Stopping, I saw a hallway with light peeking out of it.   I had nothing better to do, so I walked through it.   The room it led to was filtered brightly with light, glowing softly.   Portraits, some extremely old, others moderately aged.   They were nice enough, but as I skimmed past them, one made me stop in my tracks.
                She was beautiful, the girl in the portrait.   Her features were delicate, high cheekbones & a softly curved chin.   Her skin
:iconmimiku-lives:MIMIKU-LIVES 29 5
2P!AmericaXReader (Quickie)
  "You never cease to amuse me you know that Al?" you gave a quick glance to the form in the passenger seat. Of course he couldn't hear you; he was unconscious.
  For a research paper in English class you paired up with your friend Allen Jones. For sed assignment you both went to the slaughter house to gather information. The boy saw one cow get slaughtered and he fainted. Now you were back in your car driving home.
  Al may be a vegetarian but you couldn't suspect he would be that squeamish just watching an animal get killed. But alas- he dropped like a log as soon as some blood splattered the ground in front of him. You knew he wasn't new to the sight of blood, the nail-embedded baseball bat he carried was often coated in the substance. You decided not to ask.
  He was still out cold when you pulled into your driveway so you were forced to carry him into the house. He was anything but light. He was somewhere around 6 feet tall with redd
:iconflameriveralchemist:FlameRiverAlchemist 93 16
2p!Canada x reader- Candy based
In your neighborhood, you were like a boss. No boy dared mess with you and all the girls feared you. You and your friend Nana were the most badass chicks there were. 
Nana was your back-up for anything and everything as you her's. Whatever it was, she was there and helped you out. She was half white and half Italian but she talked like a mobster if you got her pissed off. Sometimes she even creeped you out with her mafia like thoughts and sayings. Either way, you two were the best of friends and worked well together.
"Yo Nana!", you called to her as you stood in her front yard, looking up at her bedroom window. "Nana!"
Her window opened and she stuck her hand out then back in the house just to show you she was there. "Yeah?"
"You coming down?"
"In a minute! In a minute! I gotta change!"
"Hurry up!"
"Yeah yeah" She shut her window back the you walked to her front door and sat at the step. The door opened shortly after you sat but it wasn't Nana, it was her mom. Like Nana, her mom w
:iconeriko-neko:eriko-neko 638 302




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Like the title says. I don't have an official schedule but I do post on Twitter (@HetaNebula) whenever I stream (there are times I won't post but that's just me (odd, I know, I guess)).
I mostly stream from my Xbox, I don't have capture cards or anything so there's a lot of lag going on. Also, I'm a noob to streaming.

Feel free to follow me at .



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