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Well, the third episode has aired. What do you guys think of Americana Traditional tattoos? I think that all the contestants did WAY better than the judges gave credit for, and still.... there wasn't a best tattoo. Thoughts?

ALSO - voting is open! If you liked my tattoos follow this link and vote for me!…

Ink Master is on every Tuesday at 10 pm - spikeTV
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AdrianFarenheitTepes's avatar
I'm watching a little bit of it. :clap:
johnnykreyfish's avatar
I was equally disappointed you were not picked the winner for the Star Wars challenge... You definitely rocked it! I think it was pretty obvious (by the show editors) that they were 'giving one up' to Tatu. She came out of nowhere with that Yoda and they knew she wouldn't be able to do it again. The previews make it look like you get booted next week, seriously hope that doesn't happen. Keep up the great work, regardless!
Tera-Earth's avatar
And you were one of the few who actually got the flag right.
nekodemonstar's avatar
Soo apparently the website knows I missed it last night cause it won't load.
AlixBranwyn's avatar
I haven't had a chance to see the episode yet so I don't know all of what was said by the judges but honestly I have never really been a fan of American Traditional tattoos and you probably already heard me say that at some point ha. I get that there is a lot of history behind it and the nostalgia for it but with all of the finer machines and inks and all of the advancement in what can be done on skin now I see it's value in the nostalgia on it's own and not in its artistic merits. It can be a lot harder to design something that is intentionally dumbed down and drawn to be more stylistic but it can also be harder to draw like a child again after you have gained the skills to draw things well. That said there were quite a few pieces including yours that I feel really stuck more to the style that were well executed so I'm surprised that they didn't name a best tattoo. And how in the hell Kay hasn't been eliminated after the last one he did is beyond me...I even had my husband who just watched a few minutes of the previous episodes come look at the voting line up and asked him to pick out which one he thought Kay did and he was able to right away. I'm assuming the drama he creates with his character for the show warrants them keeping him around longer...

Anyhow, I cast my vote for you and I'll catch the episode when they put it online. :)
DelinquentDuo's avatar
The flag looks good. And you made a fairly hot soldier girl. But I like your coverup tattoo the best so far. That said, I can't wait to see you put that Kay guy in his place.
Tera-Earth's avatar
id be happy to see anyone put Kay in his place.
rickcressen's avatar
...Shit! I knew I was forgetting something last night! >_<

I'll have to catch it in reruns!

Also, trying to vote for ya but the javascript thing is being super derpy. :X
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