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I started this months ago on a whim and I've been working on it off and on between work. My take on Medusa.

*edit: Yeah, it was Athena LOL
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I love this! I like depictions of Medusa with a beautiful face, but horrible snakes instead of hair. They, and the divine power of her face turning you to stone, keep men away from her previous beauty.
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Great piece!
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Omg...I love this so much!!
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I love this so much!!!!
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This would make an awesome tattoo. Incredible work!
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I love your mythological works
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Which reminds me, I was playing Kid Icarus: Uprising a little bit ago. :iconpitplz:

Anyway, this is really nice. :w00t:
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I like it. The snakes are adorable.
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I thought it was Athena who turned her hair into snakes.
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I'd comment but I fear I am turning to stone as I type this comment. D:
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as usual... beautiful!
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A whole lot of AWESOME!
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