sunstone is over, long live sunstone :P

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so. a strange journey has reached it's...first big stop.

older readers among you knew this for a while but sunstone was , a long time ago conceptualized as a four arc story.
each arc named after the central couple's safeword

sunstone- ally and lisa

mercy- alan and anne

jasper- marion and james

and still unnamed for structural reasons fourth arc

when i say sunstone is over i don't mean that ally and lisa's story is over, just the sunstone arc. now, here is how things go from here on

anne and alan's storyarc mercy is next. this storyarc will provide us with it's own unique narrative. anne a bi girl who gets interested into this whole bdsm business through influence of her friends, and alan a dumbass 

through the course of mercy, we will in depth explore also the friendship alan and ally formed, their college years, the works

on the flipside we get to see anne and cassie become friends , expanding on the whole relationship with tom, and anne becoming a tattoo artist

another unique thing about their story arc comes from alan's involvement with harper and the opening and involvement with the crimson bdsm club. unlike ally, alan spends a lot of time interacting with other practitioners which will enable me to remove an aura of no true scotsman from the depiction of bdsm shown so far. 

truth is there are different approaches to it, we have seen our core group's idea of what it is, but it would be disingenuous to show only one side of the 20-sided die

as mercy progresses on it will catch up and move forward events of sunstone and subsequently jasper

as for ally and lisa... well, the fourth arc comes back to them as there is a wedding that i have...subtly hinted at XD

now, i plan on taking a month break from strips, there will be silly stuff posted here, a few illustrations, stuff like that but generally mercy will kick off early december

i promise you laughs, tears, and missed self imposed deadlines!

so, you as usual

in the meanwhile i'm off to wrap up reformatting of chapter 5 for print as that goes out in december....oddly fitting

i will wrap this up with a bit of a celebration of fan creativity :) feel free to link me stuff that i missed and i'll add them to this journal. (i'm trying to have one per deviantartist)

thank you everyone for these four amazing years, let's see what shennanigans we can pull off in the next four XD

Happy Ending by DemiourgosEnsemble Waiting for Allycat. Sunstone cosplay by LadyEndora

Mature Content

Sunstone Cosplay  by KarmicCircleArts
Remember your safe word. by Figgarow ladies, get your collars by douzocosplay And then i turned allyson during night. by RossellaCARSON

Mature Content

Marion cosplay by ChiisaiChann
Best of friends by defia This friendship thing by LilacLace SUNSTONE : shine bright by Beechs Cosplay - Sunstone III by marinecosplaybr Sunstone cosplay - Lisa and Ally by Linamohl

Mature Content

Sunstone Cosplay. by KassandraLeigh
Ally Carter. Sunstone cosplay by LadyEndora

Mature Content

Sunstone by Linamohl
Sunstone by DarksiaSan

Allison - Sunstone by TanyaBengalTiger Love whoever you want by DogsAndRoses<da:thumb id="513094542"/><da:thumb id="513065575"/>

Mature Content

Don't worry Mistress, I'll stay up on my knees... by Ruadh-Gra
<da:thumb id="503692515"/> Latex princess in leather by Siwanll<da:thumb id="609427066"/> James Fanart by Nonosama

Mature Content

Sunstone art~ by Yuushin7
<da:thumb id="642521606"/> Sunstone Con by TravisTheGeek Sunstone by marylizabetha

Lisa from Sunstone! by petrexkgb ClassyAlly by Mass-Accelorator

Mature Content

Bloodstone by DarkerEve

Mature Content

Shiniez fanart 01 2013 by arrakisart

Mature Content

Allison and Lisa Yasha Style by Yasha-K

Mature Content

Allycat by Gill-Goo
Shiniez fanart by DestMelkor

Mature Content

Safeword by jollyjack
024 / 365 by Forni Catherine by Anodesu Kinetics: Tomboy - Page 1 by mhunt Ally Carter by Animelover81<da:thumb id="602895993"/>
Sunstone by TariToons

Mature Content

SUNSTONE Fanart by KannelArt
Lisa Sunstone by Octavia-Moon Sunstone by HolyHaurelia

Mature Content

Allison 03 by YaVaho155
Shiniez FanArt -- Lisa by donnaDomenitzo

Mature Content

Mi Gata 6 Mi Kitten nude and dominatrix by LadiaHidoi
Sunstone fanrender by Erismanor Shiniez Fanart 1 by MollyFootman

Advent challenge day 25 (Bonus- Sunstone) by JUliusKorax

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XadarxBlack's avatar
ghhh I don't know if I can read the next 2 arcs T^T, I only read Lesbian Romance soooooo T^T I really wanna see more of Ally and Lisa
shiniez's avatar
then don't? there will be more of them but if you don't wanna read about other characters, just leave it as is :)
XadarxBlack's avatar
how to say this, is just that I can't read Straight Romance
also I had try, the plot was soo interesting that I had to take the leap of faith.....sadly I couldn't stomach the intimate moments and when it came to sex......*sigh*
shiniez's avatar
all good. you still got a story out of it :)
SpryWinds's avatar
I recently finished Volume 5 of Sunstone this week and wow, I was so blown away by the emotions, detailed artwork, heartfelt/funny/witty dialogue, and the lovable characters! Also, I haven't felt so much WAFF (warm and fuzzy feelings) from a story of any medium in so long!

So happy to hear you'll bring back Ally and Lisa in the 4th arc :)

Thank you SO much for writing and creating this beautiful story!
ManjiLuo's avatar
Oh gosh, and I still haven't read through all of sunstone xD

I look away for five years, you've got your comic in print at comic shops in Austin (I bought one btw) and then the thing is over and I find out it's just part one of a larger story? I like it xD

I have a lot of catching up to do, but I'm super glad to see that you've grown to have so many supporters and such a big following :D
WickedPrince's avatar
I finally put my order in for issue 5. I should check that I have issue 4 too. :)
Ravonies's avatar
I followed it, I now wait for the rest :3 hopefully Lisa's arm gets better :3
petrexkgb's avatar

Basically my favourite artist of all time mentioned something I did. In one of his posts. 
Been having some struggles in my artistic path, but man, does this help.

Thank you Stjepan, for everything.
necrofade's avatar
AS a late comer to the series(I found and lost the way to this series awhile back), I admit I inhaled the whole series overnight(Thank god for coffee!) And was sad to see it had finished what felt like 'already'

But this made me so happy to read, that this universe you've created will continue and we'll get to explore other's narratives <3 I'm excited to see how Mercy will bloom so thank you so much!
thunder156's avatar
My girlfriend and I love reading Sunstone and it was one of the first things that got her into bdsm. We've been brought closer together over it and cannot wait for new material in a new story. Great work as always! One question, what is your name for the thing as a whole? All 4 parts together?
nopik's avatar
How about "Life Guide" because there is so much truth and wisdom in it :)
Soo many Spoiler..... Aaaargh can´t wait
IchorData's avatar
Will you see to have the thing published as a collection at some point?
doubletsptn's avatar
just dont forget Lisa little brother, he might become a sniper caught behind the lines. and u bring him home broken. but lissa and ally find a girlfrind that will rebuild him, as a person.
shiniez's avatar
i don't forget. arc 4 .
Erismanor's avatar
Haven't you forgotten one?

Gamers Eve by DarkerEve
shiniez's avatar
trying to keep it one piece per creator
Qwafel's avatar
I just reRead all of the sunstone comic strips, as i got this Note on that it's over, I'm saddened to see it's over, but im quite interested in seeing what new wing will be opening up, Hope it will be Just as good as Ally and Lisa.

Thank you Shiniez for Making the entier comic! <3 love your work!
JinxiMinx's avatar
Will Mercy be sold on amazon as well, like Sunstone has been? If so, I may very well wait until that happens to read. I want to keep supporting you... and growing a collection of your beautiful books. :)
Firebird-Glory's avatar
Are you going to post Mercy on this group/artist page?  Or a whole different one?
Earshot1991's avatar
still waiting on volume 5, lol. but surely im ready
anironbutterfly's avatar
Can't wait to see what comes next!
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