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Published: November 16, 2017
Xvggfffg by shiniez
022 by shiniez
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I need more rope.
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marylizabetha|Hobbyist General Artist
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keytobias5|Hobbyist Writer
Mr burns Excellent 
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You giant tease, ive already read Sunstone though twice in wait of this.

Gib please ill do anything :P
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I have been a bit obsessing about Sunstone ever since I discovered the comics last saturday O.O
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Last Saturday and you think you can’t wait anymore? You know nothing, John Snow! Try reading this story over several years!!!

Anyways, welcome to the club! 😉
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Can't blame you.
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DeviousLuxray-GRAnon|Hobbyist General Artist
very confused thought this page was already done XD
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darknessofanubis|Hobbyist General Artist
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AgustinaKazuyo|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
*screams in joy*
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Kyo-the-Edgelord|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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trucellent|Hobbyist General Artist
Masteeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahs~
Don't keep us hanging any longer please! :la:
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Crowgale|Student Writer
Like if I don't meet someone who does this as a second impression thang then have I even lived.
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Whyyyy? :'( I need another part of Mercy... I control this page three times per day! O_O You need to finish it quickly until your fans die because of lack of your creative and funny comics...  I mean it seriously! 
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creeperkillingking|Professional Filmographer
OHHHHY boy !
My friends and i can't wait for the next one boss <3 
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You are an evil evil tease! You could make a good dom! Facebook Thumbs Up Icon 
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sigeel|Professional Digital Artist
lol "could" XP
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hehe you two so cute together
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shiniez|Professional Digital Artist
108d43c9644b0095828ba9c920f4dd71 by shiniez   
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CptCog|Hobbyist General Artist
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Volfin|Professional Artist
Hey, you didn't mention so much of your stuff is on Humble Bundle right now.…
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That is a great bundle! I might still buy the hard copies at a later point in time, but this is something at least.
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skorpeyon|Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you for this.  Always wanted to read all of Sunstone without having to do it on DA and hadn't been able to justify the hardcopy purchase lately.
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