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haven't updated these in a while now so with the release of preorders of fine print i decided to do a quick update to this whole section

fine print(or how a divine contract may not be the best cure for a broken heart) book 1 is nearly done and releasing in comic stores end of october and on amazon on november second

here are some of the current preorder links for it and this list will be further populated as the time goes


barnes and noble:

in other news, sunstone volume 7 is also out now available through most online bookstore sources including barnes and noble and amazon

and as usual, all of this stuff is made through and available on my patreon as well for those interested. also oncluded there, death vigil, the queen and the woodborn, achilles shieldmaidens and anything else i feel like making XD


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Hi Stepjan ! Just found this an dthought you would appreciate ! ^^

Sunstone - Lisa and Ally maids
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Will Fine Print be available digitally, through Comixology or some such? or will the digital version be restricted to Patreon?

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Ahh, I wish Poland kept publishing Sunstone oficially. I only have first five volumes :^(

got my copy of Sunstone, still working thru it. Good work so far

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I am pre-ordering Fine Print on amazon first thing tomorrow!

I already pre-ordered Sunstone 7 a while back!

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Already preordered.

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Will the continuation of Death Vigil also appear in print? I recently ordered the collection book for the first part, and I'm so looking forward to more!

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of course. book 2 out next year

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Awesome! I'll look forward to it :D Thanks for the quick reply, good luck with the finishing touches for Fine Print!

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Definitely waiting for The Queen & The Woodborn coming to print!

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Amazon link for Sunstone is broken, it's connected to the B&N link

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yeah deviantart is busted. same link just sent me to my patreon. site is bugging out mixing all 3 included links

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I think it is a DA problem, I had the same issue on a request I opened earlier all links point to the same webaddress. Copy the text (not the link) and paste it in a browser and it works :-)

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Yeah, I'm getting a Patreon link for the first Amazon link, and that's not even in the text at all!

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