and so we broke the universe....

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By shiniez
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And then..... banjos. by jollyjack
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that was hilarious! :laughing:

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PoserGirlsInTroubleHobbyist Digital Artist
The universe had it coming, in my opinion. :p
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ForestWolfDragonHobbyist Photographer
Wait to kill with laughter lol.
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DefianceComicsStudent Digital Artist
Oh my fucking gods, I laughed way too hard at this
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bruiser128Student Traditional Artist
Wait YOU collaborate with JollyJack. For Reals!?
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Don't mind me, I'm just collecting some of the shards. Universe shards can fetch a good price on the right market, but I like to use them myself.
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CorrennStormcrowHobbyist Digital Artist
Still better than the current reality.
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malinbornHobbyist Traditional Artist
Loved it... sad that this is only a yearly thing LOL
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Next time you decide to break it could you make me a cis girl, k tnx bai
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IchorDataStudent Traditional Artist
Well, don't draw bestiality. That's what happens when you do that.
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MitternachtselbinProfessional Digital Artist
If that's the way we all gonna die.. I can deal with it.
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I can say that this co-creation is the best I've read in a long damn time. Thank you shiniez  and jollyjack  . 
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Elegy0fEmptynessHobbyist General Artist
i love this on going bit, it's the best part of april XD
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SoulSuckingGingerHobbyist General Artist
My god, so many happy tears
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omg lmao
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boolean22Professional Filmographer

I'm in tears of joy.

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Can not be unseen. Can not be undone. The universe is forever scarred!
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GoredorfHobbyist General Artist
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Hahahaha this is brilliant in so many levels
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MahasuHobbyist Digital Artist
soooo.... is there an uncensored version of that fox and cat? asking for a friend
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Broke it. . .or made it better?!?
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Damn this says a lot about are society smh 😔
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SteamwyckHobbyist General Artist
Then perhaps we can have a better timeline now? ;)
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