I'm leaving deviantart- just some basic info :)

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By shiniez
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so, with deviantart removing my most recent image i kinda came to a realization that this platform won't do anymore for the purposes of hosting sunstone.

it's been fun but if an implication of a sex toy was enough to get it removed, i don't think the rest of the mercy storyarc or jasper will make it through XD

so... options.

i will be hosting sunstone on my patreon as usual under 1 dollar tier


beyond that i will figure out an alternative hosting option but for now i guess a lot of it will be posted via twitter so follow me there if you want updates


i do plan on making a website of my own but that takes time. i will post updates here still just not actual strips. it will be just one panel samples with links to follow. sorry it has to be like this. not really doing it by choice but it is what it is anyhow. back to work for me. strips to make :) see you all soon

ps. i don't take this personally. this isn't a drama post. this is merely a notification as most of my audience started there and i want them to stay informed on the big move

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The only reason i joined Devianart was to follow you. Please keep us updated when your website is done.


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I'm already a patron dude. All good.

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Da-Blue-MonkeyHobbyist Traditional Artist

Twitter is far better than DA.

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Late to the party, but thank you for at least keeping the denizens of "the place where it all started" informed. I actually made this account so I could read your comic, and I see no need to continue it anymore. See you wherever you are posting.

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AkemoHobbyist Writer

Of course your comic gets taken down... but my watch feed for some reason anytime I log in is filled with literal image of naked women spreading their legs. Which, hey, I mean go for it, but .... what?

Am happy to be a patreon :) will own these books one day

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Man, is this going to be the push that forces me to get a twitter account?

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seem alot go and some going to tfmcnexus.com

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UntappedChaosHobbyist Digital Artist

It's ok. I follow you on Amazon and buy your books when they come out. <3 Shall always support. ^7^/

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Oh man, fuuuuu devart. But thank you for the info!

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Razzael42New Deviant
Make a feat with Cho-Yaki !!!

Best wishes from France,

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WanizameHobbyist General Artist

If you don't mind spending some $$$ I use Netfirms which is a Website Host, but its reasonable. I suggest the $60 plan if you just want to try it out, then upgrade to the $180 plan if you like it (I'm on the $180 per yr plan), I the first domain is free with your hosting package, and you get email addresses with the deal (this is nice because you can have an easy short email sign-in name, like shiniez@), the down side is having to design the site which might take some time if you're not familiar with scripting, but I think there's an option for PHP Nuke with Templates. It may be a lot to take in at first, but its a direction to go in.

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Sympathies on DeviantArt being a nonconsensual pain in the ass and thank you for continuing elsewhere like twitter and print. I own your Sunstone in GN format and the are gorgeous!

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SoulBearHobbyist Digital Artist

I've been sick for a few months and came back online to see this. Oh well, at least it kicked me in the but to join your Patreon. :)

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Sad but understandable and reasonable decision

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EntrayaHobbyist Traditional Artist

can you really post comic strips on twitter? do post another update here on dA when you've found someplace decent to post them

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Sad to see you go here, but understandable - it seems every time this site updates itself they make it harder to actually use.

I'm already on your patreon, looking forward to more sunstone/mercy/fine print/death vigil.

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I just found this post thanks to the new site not displaying everything on mobile. Dangit. Guess I have to go give Patreon money now.

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There's always Fetlife.

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I think we can survive having to make a single extra click to see your fantastic work

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I just recently came across your work, art is great and the storylines are original and most refreshing. If your going to patreon, I guess I’ll follow you over.

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WickedPrinceHobbyist Digital Artist

Oh hell; your Sunstone stuff was a huge draw for me here. Though yeah they've always been anal as hell about even the mention of the D-word. The first piece they ever deleted of mine was a story chapter where I MENTIONED one; no description or anything. I couldn't get them to tell me what exactly was their gripe with the piece but I re-wrote it without using the evil word and they've left it alone for about a dozen years now so I have to guess that The Word was the cause.

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DA at work again. They are the most suicidal bunch I have seen. Riding the wreck down in flames. What a bunch of screwup.

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MalikAliArtProfessional Digital Artist

How about posting on Tapas

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