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if you saw this before there is little new here :)


 preorders have opened for sunstone volume 6
 links below :)

Mercy1-2finalff by shiniez

amazon us…

amazon france…

amazon canada…

amazon spain…

amazon germany…

amazon uk…

book depository…

barnes and noble…


most of you know this by now, but for those that don't. comics preorders are encouraged for a very simple reason. it's an indie book and preorders pretty much dictate the print runs. 
not saying anyone has to buy the book, this is just the info for those of you that do like your comics in print.

sweet uncensored print XD

there will be an alternate cover version exclusively available through top cow store. 
sunstone volume 6 top cow store exclusive cover by shiniez


sunstone all 5 covers for first arc by shiniez…


DaBvwCaW0AEGBZo by shiniez

patreon plans are as follows
it has 3 tiers of monthyy subscription.
1 dollar tier is sunstone tier- you get sunstone a week earlier from deviantart, and you get it uncensored.
5 dollar tier is sunstone + an additional book, first it will be death vigil, after that it depends which project works out the best, ravine, teen witchblade... who knows...

6 dollar tier is first 2 tiers plus bonus stuff, secret development stuff, high rez  wallpapers and early updates on my novel, letters to the vampire queen

patreon will not be used to fund fanarts or special requests. it's one and only purpose is to support my creator owned work or the work i have a specific permission to do (teen witchblade)

also, while it is active it is actually on pause and will remain so till july. you can pledge but no monthly charges will be made until everything is good and ready for the big launch in july

once active you will get about 10+pages of sunstone monthly, and 10+pages of a bonus book if you are at that tier

i say 10+ because 10 is a bare minimum but generally i expect 15 is page uploads on both sunstone and another book, except sometimes the bonus book update will be 18 pages  and sunstone 12 and vice versa... i think you get the idea.

anyhow, here is the patreon link
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Will volume 6 also be available as a PDF like 1-5?

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Sorry for the thread necromancy. If I join patreon now, will I still be able to see previous Death Vigil content or just the new things that will be posted after joining? Sorry, if that is a stupid question-- never been on Patreon. 
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i think so, in any case whenever i add a new update i just post a full pdf with everything done so far. so that everyone is up to speed 
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Oh, that's very wonderful of you! And thank you for such a quick reply! 
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Just gotta say, I just picked up a copy of volume six and really really appreciate the introduction. It definitely helps to keep the stories straight. By the way, completely obsessed with these characters and so glad I found them 🥰

So.. 5$ tier will include Fine Prints?

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Okay, so I finished re-reading Sunstone: Mercy and I have to say that I love it. I laughed so hard I cried, then read my partner certain passages, and proceeded to make him a very lucky man because damn, this was a sexy issue. The art was amazing as always and I really enjoy getting to know the other characters more. Glad I checked back in to DA, thanks for another great addition to my collection!
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Anxiously awaiying more updates on here. But glad I'm seeing people with their calanders and Vol.6

I have my copy of volume 6. Hoping for volume 7 soon
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I have both the tpb's as the two Hardcovers. Will there be a third hardcover?
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Received Vol 6, Last week, it's great!

Gives interesting background on the player's.
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I'm sure your patreon will be successful, but if you actually continue with Death Vigil and perhaps even Ravine on it, wouldn't it make sense to do a kickstarter at some point to put out print variants of those new books?

Pretty sure your work is loved enough and known enough to make the kickstarters successful and Top Cow could still publish the books.

I'm just a prints guy. Especially with art and comics, just seeing them digitally isn't enough for me, I want to feel the book or floppy in my hands.
So while I bought every comic you drew since Witchblade, the patreon isn't for me.
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Has there been some problem with vol 6 getting shipped to the UK? Was asking my local comic shop about it and for some reason they couldn't order it.
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I finally have my own paper copy of Mercy. Today is my lucky day! :D F**k coursework, let's read my favorite comic all over again! :D 
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Goooddd just preordered my copy of Sunstone vol 6 and I am dying to get it. Thinking about ordering the others again only for the beautiful covers! Also thinking about what to do with the old calendar... Framing the pictures?? Idk.

I was able to order through a Swedish site called earlier, but now it looks like there are only a few of the books you can order from there. (They might be sub-supplier for Amazon). If it turns out they make vol 6 available there, that would be a much easier option for your Swedish fans to get their books.

Anyway, thank you for your amazing work!!
1. Woop! Finally a way to support you and get more of your comics! Consider me a patreon!

2. Is there no way to get the Top Cow version for people in the EU that doesn't involve getting it shipped from the US? Including shipping it'll cost me $49,99 and I'm probably going to have to pay a hefty customs fee on top of that. I want to support you by buying everything you put out (and I've loved literally all of your own work, which is why I want to support you), but that's a little bit more than I can justify for a book I already own, just to get the other cover. If a good chunk of that money would get to you I might still consider it, but it's mostly postage and taxes ...
If there will be censored and uncensored versions, which will be printed?
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print is uncensored.
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I've not been able to find volume 5 in the german amazon store. There's only the overly expensive bound version available.
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Oh, I looked for it using different search terms. Thank you!! It's ordered ;)
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If the Patreon goes well, will you consider putting out print versions of the Death Vigil and Ravine material?

I mean, I'm already signed on regardless, but I like physical books.  :3
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printed versions are a separate thing. these are web versions only.
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That's cool.  But I'll still hold out hope for eventual print versions if the web ones are a success.  :)
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