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 preorders have opened for sunstone volume 6
book will be out in december, links below :)

Mercy1-2finalff by shiniez

amazon us…

amazon france…

amazon canada…

amazon spain…

amazon germany…

book depository…

barnes and noble…


most of you know this by now, but for those that don't. comics preorders are encouraged for a very simple reason. it's an indie book and preorders pretty much dictate the print runs. 
not saying anyone has to buy the book, this is just the info for those of you that do like your comics in print.

sweet uncensored print XD

anyhow, back to work. see you all soon!
so, a few things to cover here. 

1 sunstone volume 6, first chapter of mercy storyarc will be in print and on sales starting this november. 
mercy will have about 10 chapters. i decided to reevaluate my cutoff points as over 300 pages would give me a lot of trouble with some european publishing formats, and since i do have good points sot split the volumes,  all in all the reading experience won't suffer. so it will be roughly 200 pages long. about 180 pages of comic (more than twice of sunstone v1)  and about 20 pages of some fun bonus content.

Mercy1-2finalff by shiniez

2 swing

swing is a story written in the same shared universe as sunstone and blood stain, and connected in pretty much the same way, as in, the characters play the same mmo together.  it's a story written by Matt Hawkins, and his wife Jenni Cheung, with art by calisto-lynn  

Swing  1 Cover By Calisto Lynn-dbrj8bg by shiniez

you can read a bunch of it already here…

and amazon has their preorders opened here…

and of course in comic stores and book stores where available. given the nature of the book preorders are  the only insurance you got. like with sunstone. what can i say, welcome to the comics industry XD

3 Letters to the vampire queen.

for the few of you interested in how this is going. broke 70 pages last night. in the process of the final rewrite and then having another beta reader go over it to see if it all makes sense to them and after that i'll see about uploading a few chapters here, every now and then. 

Ch1 by shiniez

4 mercy next update

around may 4th. i'm guessing around ten to 15 pages for this one, and then about ten for next one. i got a nice cutoff point these so i  don't need to overkill it on the length.

090 by shiniez

that's about that. see you all soon :)

Mature Content

Authenticity by jollyjack
so, mercy is gonna be uploaded on wednesday. 

after that i will be uploading something different. something i have been fiddling with on the side. 
see in sunstone's future i have certain events planned. one of these events is lisa writing and actually publishing her first novel.

it starts off as a crappy little self insert project
ChElxjgW4AASvtm by shiniez

ske gives up on it, but over time comes back to it because the premise actually holds potential. in the end whe writes her novel. letters to the vampire queen

I Haven T Forgotten Xd By Shiniez-d9zn1e4 by shiniez

in order for it to make sense i had to develop the story in question in simple form at first but then i too realized there is potential in it and decided: fuck it, i may as well write a novel. it's been a long while since i have written in any non comic related format. 

last time being for two short stories in ravine

wade liberation war
Boy was about nineteen. A young man really, but his face made him look younger. Girl was younger, maybe fifteen, sixteen.  Peter Bowen thought as he kept his distance considering the situation, studying the several people involved.
City of wade was under Arenian occupation for over three centuries now, and Arenian trackers seeking out mages to be drafted to their military force was hardly an unusual event. Most people who were learned in spellcasting kept their skills hidden, and their weapons were creatively concealed.
Still give it enough time and any trickery will stand revealed. Trackers were by now very skilled in noticing anything with engraved spellcasting spiral.  A ring, a stick, the smallest of things. They knew what they were looking for.
This was what baffled peter as he studied the unfolding situation. Boy was blatantly wearing two short swords with the casting spiral boldly and prominently visible on their handles. Either he was a fool, of a foreigner who decide
   wade liberation war
ravine bonus story- hurrons tale
      Bear…. Wolf, eagle. Always these beasts could turn the hunter into prey. Hurron knew this, it was a knowledge his father taught him well on his first bleeding of the snow.
      Up in the cold you keep these three rulers in mind at all times, especially at the winters end, for wolf is still rabid with winters hunger. Bear awakens from its slumber sharing the same thought as the wolf, and northern eagles, they are always a threat. In time, they learned to wound their prey and watch it bleed to death. Yes, three ruled the mountains, but on the day of bleeding of the snow, they were all prey
      Hurron pretended to be sleeping, while he watched his son standing guard by the fire. Boy has grown strong, stronger than the old wives of the village have foreseen. However, that was not surprising. Hurron never looked kindly on the self-proclaimed prophets. Fate is what one makes of it, and his
 hurron's tale

so now here i am writing lisa's  (and my own) first novel. i have no ambitions for it. it is simply a prolonged stretching of storytelling muscles. i do it because i find it to be a fun change of pace

the few of you that do end up reading this gibberish, well, i hope you end up liking it. i will be posting chapters along some illustrations every month.  who knows, maybe we'll get a fun story out of it. 
anyhow here are some of the first, unfinished illustrations

Mirrror by shiniez

Lysandre-and-lara by shiniez

Lysandre-streeetrat by shiniez

Dfdgdgd by shiniez

and with that, i'm off to work. see you all soon!
gonna be big.

Fdsgsdg by shiniez

063 by shiniez
353435 by shiniez

    i'll have to austin powers the fuck out of this comic!
just how much fun i'm having right now.

Cbcvncvn by shiniez

and no that's not the real text :P
but it's gonna be fun XD
Usntitled-4 by shiniez

063 by shiniez
064 by shiniez
buuut it's gonna be another 20 pager....


Bcvncvb by shiniez

i didn't know this was even possible

i was working on the update which if i get well tomorrow should be updated next week.

it's a lengthy wait but it's legit a friggin 19 page comic.

anyhow, i'm off to deal with this fever again. funfact, last night i had the worst case of shivers in my life. linda asked me what i need and i couldn't even pronounce words.

fun times.

anyhow see you all next week.
this guy!!!!

about 5 days of work left on a monstrously oversized mercy update....

which is at the moment clocking in at 17 pages...

i have issues

i wish i could upload earlier but there is a narrative flow to these uploads and i would never compromise on that.


DSn qHnWAAAVRj0 by shiniez

048 by shiniez
it's gonna be a fun one, see you all in a few days!
don't worry, working hard on it. i foresee about 6 to 8 days more but it's about 15 comic pages of an update.

040 by shiniez

Gdrtg by shiniez

Fxetg by shiniez
than initially planned so it will take till next week.

and no it's not because i'm addicted to gaming, destiny 2's new update was surprisingly lightweight, done all of that in 2 days XD

just that it's probably gonna clock in at over 12 comic pages, maybe upto 15 as i am smoothing out the flow. 

it's a very important update and i can't afford to fuck it up

Fxetg by shiniez

but then after this one... things go a little crazy... 

on a sidenote.
at some point during my mercy hiatus this year i thought to myself, hey, maybe i should draw and actual porn comic as a warmup. (us comic artists tend to do that every now and then, tell no one!)

so i went with this premise. 
Fddggf by shiniez

Contract by shiniez

immediately two things became apparent.

1 this premise with these characters seems like too much fun and i would waste way too much time on it

2 making apporn comic involving succubi and incubi is about as original as making a manga about people trapped in a virtual reality mmo game these days :P

also don't think i'm being negative about it, what i mean is it's already done bnd done very well by many, (incase being a perfect example) so it just feels like stepping onto other people's turf when i really don't need to XD

so i abandoned the side thing, but looking at it now, i may in some form or another include it in sunstone-verse as one of lisa's creations XD

anyhow. back to work! a shitton of metalheads to draw!
next mercy update won't be out this week. it is a bit larger one again so it takes time, plus destiny2 expansion is landing and i'll give that a shot. so i am planning it for next tuesday.

that would be december 12th

Spred by shiniez

the big concert next

Ftzzz by shiniez
this friday.

it's edgy and the brain!

Cfdv by shiniez
wednesday my time.

027 by shiniez