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you talk too much honey

By shiniez
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something to keep you entertained while i finish the next strip, cyaa
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This is the piece that started my love affair with Alli and Lisa. *hearts*
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Mmm... sexy and hot
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Every man's fantasy - a quiet lady, lol.
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Then shut me up, ma'am...
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Discovered your work about a week ago and fell in love with it!  I love the story and the artwork!
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beautiful , simply beautiful
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Why is this not a print?
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I always find myself coming back to this image. The lighting is beautiful, the shading is just flawless....the emotion and ambiance of the whole image just blows my mind! It makes me so happy :heart:
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I've never really understood ball gags, they just bring to mind dripping drool, but this image actually makes them seem kind of sexy.
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I found this story yesterday. Just finished the available material.... Oh my soul! I friggen love every bit of it. Cant wait for more!
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I got to say that is very sexy  love the hair  too :D
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I love this picture. It's delicate, intimate, and romantic - even with a ball gag.
I especially like Ally's image. You can almost hear her whispering to Lisa.
So beautifully done.
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very nice :D (Big Grin) Love Clap
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breathtakingly beautiful
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I just wish there was an artist like you depicting female/male relationship. Not that there is anything wrong with this, mind you...
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I would stay tuned. See what happens later
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Oh, God, no. They aren't going to break up, or start seeing guys, are they? Ally and Lisa have become my favorite fictional romantic couple. No. Please. No guys messing this up.
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nonono. but it's been explained that Lisa and Ally's story is like, part 1 and Alan's going to have his own part, and Marion, and someone else but i forget who. there's gonna be 4 or 5 i think
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