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yeeaahhh... um...marion and james

so this whole thing miiight just end up being quite a bit longer than i initially intended...
let me just put it this way...when chapter 7 are in for a surprise XD
and no i dont mean with the sexual stuff i mean with the overall story stuff....

i can drop a hint... lord of the rings structure...

i wonder how many will figure this one out XD

also some of you more observant ones already have figured out who james is,as he was mentioned before XD.
but for those not as observant...

yeah.. how dare all of youz not realize i was going somewhere with one mentioning of some guy and a flashback appearance when he had long hair! XD... of course i am kidding, but just wanted to point out that he has been planned for a while... what happens from chapter 7 onwards tho.. that is a new twist... and even i was surprised by it as it will pretty much derail everything and turn the whole damn thing in like a 20 chapter story XD
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i'm assuming she became a domme to help get over her past trauma. however once she has gotten over it will she stay a domme or be a switch, sometimes domme sometimes sub, whichever she feels like at the time? personalty like like this because i think she enjoyed being a sub to much to give it up completely.