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why the long hair?

hey, lisa? how come you grew your hair long? the old hairdo looked so good on you

uh.... i guess i needed a change? ... that's about it!

(prework warmup work in progress, also future sunstone volume scene XD)
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Chipontalas1701's avatar

I've always admired your style and art but seeing just flats like this makes me love it more.

Long hair>>>short hair

SuikTwoPointOh's avatar

Oh wow, this is so good. Love it.

It could be useful to Ally!

cicisaur's avatar


Did you plan to draw what happens next as well?

Why NOT? Long hair is glorious when done right and you, Sir, do EVERYTHING right ^_^

Never enough of them in heels.

Zefram's avatar

Something about a braless woman in an open button-up shirt/blouse. >.>;;;

PixiePowderPuff's avatar

Gosh I love these characters! Nice pose too!

Go on. Pls😍

Sotane's avatar

They'd go through so much bondage gear during their marriage. Imagine Ally just rolling up with a BDSM yard sale one day to clean out the house. LOL

DRBinderUST's avatar

OMFG is that image hot!

I think if a Domme grabbed me by the hair like that and gagged me, I'd be hers completely.... 😍 😚 💋

Alysandir's avatar

Awww, that's sweet. Lisa is hungry and Ally is giving her a bite of apple. So pure.

KurtPruenner's avatar

Apple? Don't you mean cake? :P

AdrianVonNightshade's avatar

now that you say that all I see is a biblical scene of Lisa as Eve and Ally as the Serpent

JessickaSands16's avatar

I dunno. Gonna have to see more. Like, lots more of this. For research.

rudeboy308's avatar

Lisa grew a new handlebar for Ally to use. Sweet work!

Victor2K's avatar

No problem with that for me

Zeonista's avatar

I prefer long hair myself. But Lisa is rocking the look!

TitanAES2's avatar

Wait so... is Sunstone continuing?

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