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why did i give him the damn key?

By shiniez
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seriously , you give someone your house key... they will drop in unnanounced....
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I wonder, what kind of music Alan was listening to as he walked by? Metal perhaps hehe.
universe1919's avatar
Why, love is infinatively powerful.
OIamwon2's avatar
This is what I was talking about.
CreepShow616's avatar
dat last panel...just...dat last panel.
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FidgetAwesomeSauceHobbyist General Artist
That panel of Lis/a on the train with her collar, it is PERFECT
sophhiee's avatar
So I'm favorite-ing every page as I read along. Sorry if it gets annoying but I can't help it. Everything about this comic is amazing.
Sexygriffin's avatar
Favorite-ing this series is well worth it. I've basically done the same. <3 this comic series. The comic series is called sunstone. Volume 5 comes out in august I think. Worth the buy.
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LB-LeeProfessional General Artist
This page is also broken for me.  The thumbnail shows up, but not the full size (readable) image.
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Welp, reason nr1 I keep the key in the lock sometimes ;)
TheRealLazurman's avatar
I don't even need to be in the relationship. Just put me in Alan's shoes and I'll be perfectly content.
Tiffanyiscool's avatar
God Dammit Alan! XD
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honestly i thought his line was perfect
Firan25's avatar
THat last panel is so me. T_T
0mniessence's avatar
0mniessenceHobbyist Writer
lol awkward
redsorrower's avatar
redsorrowerHobbyist General Artist
those detailed panels give off such atmosphere it's amazing
Greenham45's avatar
If Alen hadn't spoken he could of watched
DJKibyKat's avatar friends introduced me to this and i'm reading and i'm dying laughing! My best friend's name is Alan and he's caught me like that once! La la la la 
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Caine-of-NodHobbyist Photographer
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I am in love with this story.  And I LOVE the artwork too!  Gorg!
KpaxMaJI's avatar
"Need a Hand"... i will remember that.
flamewolf393's avatar
Need new panties XD. Squeee!!
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SwoopmottHobbyist Photographer
I relate to Alan on many levels. This is not one of them but our thought process would be similar
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I agree - I love her lip bite too!
most-awesome-maker's avatar
comensing pol those who think lip bite is sexy say aye (AYE)
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