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were all human under our masks

wazaaaap all my chronology nerdz say wootwoot
yeah imma do some timejumps again .... GREAT SCOTT!!!!

were going back to the point of origin,
isnt it funny how crampy and nervous we all get that first time when something we allways wanted is finally within our reach

and how the time remaining to that magical moment seems to slow down and your mind gets so mischievous...

no matter what role we decide to play , and what mask we decide to wear, underneath it allw e're all human, fidgety, nervous, complete wrecks
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Meeting at the persons home... Not the smartest move but I understand how wanting something badly or desperation can push a person

I'm experiencing this right now. Very much so. EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!
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I feel this page so much.
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Awww! They're such cuties!
DragonmanX-90's avatar
Ha!  They are absolutely adorable.  Wish I knew what this kind of excitement was like...
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That bottom panel has got to be one of my all time fave pics of Ally
segura2112's avatar
Looking forward to collecting the whole series. Thank You
Two months chatting online, and then two girls decided to meet... why does it sound familiar to me? Seven years and a half ago, and today there's no single regret for asking her to meet. So far, so good, and by that I mean our lives together... and your story too <3 <3 <3 <3
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This is the best. Brought a smile to my face. :D
HareTrinity's avatar
AwwwwWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! :D So cute!
PreciseDeadShot's avatar
This is so cute! I love your series! <3 
universe1919's avatar
I can also feel the anticipation.
LilithAlmighty's avatar
ohmigosh you have captured my heart. I can feel what they are feeling. You 100% successfully portrayed this and I was almost freaking out myself. You are just super, great work!!
Doctor-mental's avatar
tbh? I'm really not interested in the sexual aspect. I am just a huge sucker for great artwork and cute lesbian romance. 
AlicesDollhouse's avatar
I'm absolutely interested in the sexual aspect, but I do love the great artwork and cute lesbian romance much much more.
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Ummm, I can't view this image at a readably large size!  DeviantArt keeps telling me there are 'errors.' Is anyone else having this problem, or is it just me for some reason?  I can read other pages fine.
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Holy crap!  Is that lamp in the last panel the Eye of Sauron?!?  My geek-meter just pegged.
Also: "One woman sees a riselka: her path comes clear to her."  Amirite?!?
Some people over at reddit recommended this comic. I've just started and I already know this is going to take me eons to read...because it's just too deliciously adorable and sexy and artistically excellent.

As a vanilla newbie, I thought I should say "well done" even though this is only the beginning. 
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Well I managed to find my deviantart password for your story, on gf's rec, and WOW it was worth it. Gonna just keep going now, but you've got all my twisted mind's appreciation ;)
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They look so cute freaking out <3
EllaPress's avatar
I was gonna say the same thing, so cute! 
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aawwww, they're so nervous, it's cute :3
TyrantosaurusDREAD's avatar
Jesus 3 days from now I'mma have a simaler thing happening, fucking hell it's scary how simaler things can be, Christ I'm nervous as hell....U-uhm, I'mma phone a friend soon maybe they can help....
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I may have to remember that last line in the description. It feels like something that should be on a t-shirt or an ironically un-ironic poster
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