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welcome home

By shiniez
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no, i havent forgotten about yall XD. just crazy busy before san diego comic con. but after that one, after i submit the finished ravine issue 2 to print, i get to spam chapter 4 and get all the prepwork done for sunstone book 1 to go to print. more on that soon

also special thanx to my lovely wife :iconsigeel: for color flats and the amazing ermergerd beer XD
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XD I'm dying! :D
universe1919's avatar
Now I want to know what the whole issue Mike is going through, it seems immensely interesting.
RinLockhart's avatar
She always seems to be surrounded by assholes. Can't say which 'she', either.
Gakku01's avatar
I'm not a beer-drinker, but I'd chug down that beer anytime.
Snugglebutts3000's avatar
that amazing beer name tho
DraziaXardei's avatar
Awe, I think that is just so wonderful. n_n Spending hours next to the one you love knowing you are there for them and that they are also there for you in return. Taking comfort in knowing that the person next to you that makes your heart bounce around in your chest will be there for as long as you want and need. Who would turn that down, if not for the better?
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I actually love how they spent the rest of the day just basking in each others company and unwinding. 
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BriskenzuHobbyist General Artist
ermahgerd juice XD
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Saw that too...such a creative name....
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qberningHobbyist Digital Artist
The best kind
RoyceGrey's avatar
Ahhhh, Jimmy.  I'd have fallen for her too.  Too bad Lisa's the jellous and violent type.

"I'll get a stool".


Also, that's why when you do things like that you lock the cats up with their litter-box until all the outdoor oppening and shutting is over.

Just a tip.
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The Ermagerd beer and sound effect with Lisa dropping Mr. Bonkers elevated this particular strip to a very high level.  10/10, will read again.  And again.
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DruideachtHobbyist General Artist
:moo: ^_^ the more i read .. obviously out of order the more i feel the fishhooks sinking into my cheeks
dazuzu's avatar
Ermergerd is the king of beers
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small-hopeHobbyist Writer
Ermergerd! It's all happening!
BugooLucas's avatar
I love the "ERMAHGERD" beer at the end!
GamerKale's avatar
Just randomly found this. Looks sweet.
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randomfreakygothgirlProfessional General Artist
"ermagherd" on the cans of beer/soda XD
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I've read through all this 3 times and i just noticed that xD
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I'm I missing something or is there no order to these cause I'm just looking through them and I have no idea where to start or how to progress through them, thanks if you answer!
whiskeyii's avatar
His gallery is organized into chapters; this is the fourth. Personally, I start with the first comic and hit the "Next" button up on the left-hand side and keep reading til the pages run out or the chapter ends. Happy reading!
StormyCloudy's avatar
I didn't even notice a next button... thank you
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I died laughing. The little things are everything.
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sabsnationStudent Artisan Crafter
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