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we need to talk

By shiniez
elecrtrcity blessed day...yay XD

again, mature content allways on cause these things are all linked so curious ones would be...surprised XD
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Wait…when she mentions Cruella is she talking about Marion? That seems like a weird way for her to talk about her.
shiniez's avatar
when you find out the full story you'll understand.
inn3rmonologu3's avatar
When Alan says "every damn day," it's as though I've been punched in the gut with feels.
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bloodmaker's avatar
Looking back your style has really grown, especially your application of light and shadow, can you believe you used to draw bars are of shading when you look back at this and others?
EllaPress's avatar
You're better than some comic artists from books I BUY. Ya know? Like, from big publishers. So *standing ovation*
Tiffanyiscool's avatar
I like the details put into the background of Alan's room
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I love the simple, yet deeply profound statement of "We're all nice when we want something."  That is such a perfect statement that it's actually scary.  Not just for other people, but ourselves.  We aren't always our normal selves when we are trying to get something (or someone) that we want, and you address those dangers in this conversation so well!
Goddamn, the suspense is killing me!  I can't wait to find out how the meet up goes!
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I wanna know Alan's back story now as well... gah its amaze-balls!
rosepiramid's avatar
I love all the bondage supplies in the's so...distracting grawrrr
very amazing story :) It's so well-written (from what I've read so far) and your graphics are amazing.
GeekDad45's avatar
Beautiful art! Just came over (from GGAR) and looking forward to the next however many!
Humans are Sooo interesting!
Jackatwar's avatar
If would of met Ally, I would get to know her and then run for the hills! And then return with an army. So that way she doesn't have me ensnared in that kinky tying thing!
Caine-of-Nod's avatar
I wish my life was this interesting
darker-deep-down's avatar
Automatically fan of this guy
FlyingRagePanda's avatar
Right before Alan said "Every damn day." I totally get the CSI Sunglasses meme vibe. XD
I just noticed that Allison could actually pull off a cosplay of Bayonetta. I mean not only does she have the looks, but she could easily play Bayonetta's sadistic side. Just an idea.
Yep, I was right.  To be explained.
this stuff I can show my girlfriend,
UnholyOnslaught's avatar
NIce to know im not the only one that knows the definition of "roleplay" when it comes to shit like this .-.
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the story is going great :D (Big Grin) 
Love the fact that u were not holding back when it came down to showing each character's personalities giving them a even more realistic touch adding a little of his problem yet not letting it take over. keep up the good workClap   
XOkami-ChickX's avatar
Woah its funny me and my boyfriend meet through Roleplaying actually, were best friends /buddies online for 4-5 years, webcam skype and shit,then when he finally ask me out we met up,and we live in the same borough , so it was even better X3, now we've been in a relationship for a year and counting.Llama Emoji 23 (Shyness) [V1] 
So i really like this 
Llama Emoji 01 (Laughing) [V1] 
I LOVE this story, I read it about a year ago and came back to just catch up. Sadly their are spelling errors so far but they hardly matter when it's still readable and the art is this damn good. Keep it up!
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