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we got us a badass over here

By shiniez
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aaand back to work!!!
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Took months for my ear to heal so not sure I'd want that on my nips.... Then again I had cartilage done on my first piercing so..... *sweat smile* That's what I get for wanting something super queer looking *sweat smile*

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This is fucking amazing.
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I don't know how you do it; but I've yet to come across a coupling or at least a group sequence that I haven't enjoyed.  The closest was the one Ally was drunk in and I'm guessing that was part of the point.  I really wish I could've discovered this comic ages ago.
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"Nipples and bleeegh!" Omg I love Anne.
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Where could I find the image for Tom's shirt?
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Goddamn I want to know what happened when she sneezed. I know the whole point of the trope is to never explain "The Incident" but still
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shiniezProfessional Digital Artist
second arc will actually visit the incident :) patience
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Fine I guess I'll just busy myself finishing the chapters I've said this before but your faces are Amazing especially the sudden shock ones
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 I can only guess that... this Noodle Incident was created from the need from the person to be really careful to how much force you can put on the piercings, because the dress would create tension.
Sneezing create a lot of tension, it's involontary and create a damn force on the structure weakness, which is the skin. I think it went like a hospital trip.
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My guess would be that the corset came apart when she sneezed.  And she basically flashed everyone in the club.
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Cassie and Tom thoLove They're so cute! I love their relationship.
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The little 'Woah, we got a badass up in here' cracked me up so much.
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Bonbon88Hobbyist Writer
Seconded! :laughing:
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Wait, what do nipple piercings increase?
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Sensitivity to stimuli.
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Ahhh. Thanks.
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Read, re-read, still love these.
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MyNameIaCjStudent Filmographer
I bloody love Tom and Cassie's connection! Well. I love all of their connections. Brilliantly well made!

I feel sorry for Alan at the moment though! But On your own time is best time -- at times! 
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KahtzaHobbyist Artist
the rock shirt needs to be a thing. or else i will make one. and send you the munnies!
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Caine-of-NodHobbyist Photographer
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I love this comic!!!!! ;)
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LittlePigArtHobbyist General Artist
Tom looks like Duncan to me. :D
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Nisei-loves-GaaraHobbyist General Artist
There was much cackling. Total belly laugh.....forgot in public library...fuuuuu
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ciao-7Hobbyist General Artist
i like his face when he's thanking the girls :XD:
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