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waay overthinking this

By shiniez
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ah writers....

anyhow 1 more to go for this part and then ive connected everathing ---ish before ally reveals her toyroom ..buut i might just skip that part... dunno, will see if it serves any purpose

they see me trollin... they haatiiin...
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so beautiful !

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runewuffHobbyist Traditional Artist
Goddammit if I don't feel like Lisa is basically me. At least on this page. Sign of a good job on your part!
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sub-ShelleHobbyist Digital Artist
I've never seen it put that well. We all have those feelings, and they're so hard to share...
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You have spoken the truth of human sexuality in society.
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This comic is not only well drawn, it is also well written. Rare.
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LilithAlmightyHobbyist Digital Artist
AW FWAF you have me wrapped around your fingers. I will read all of your stuff. it's just perfect in so many ways. I always needed a story like this
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Hell, getting caught looking at porn on your computer is better than getting caught in the act of masturbating - by everybody in the free world. And then never talking about it, just having it referred to obliquely as a sort of group shaming, really abuse, which the group then publicly frowns upon  so that in some sort of existential schizo moment the social group is doing to you what is happening in the porn you are perusing and they are demeaning, and getting off on, and ruining your o.

Nice strip - thankyou for the stream of consciousness.
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Nothing worse than being interrupted by a parent especially if you don't have time to hide the evidence. As a teen the computer I'd porn browse on would always freeze pretty much as soon as I heard footsteps on the stairs
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"aw fwaf"
Now a cult sentence for me. xD
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0mniessenceHobbyist Writer
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Wow. Lisa is really, really thin. I just noticed that. Huh.
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shiniezProfessional Digital Artist
my style was far more exaggerated in the early days. it took a while for it to settle.

in fact here is a fun little example of just how much things changed over time XD

(unfortunately it doesn't show as a gif yo sou will have to click the pic)

this amuses me way too much.... by shiniez
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Caine-of-NodHobbyist Photographer
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Wow I love the way this intensifies and summarizes so much of the sexuality of a person and their love/obsession/need/desire whatever description fits them. I applaud you and this is magnificent! 
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I empathise way too much with this. X3
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(It's awesome)
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Thats almost scary how her situation with selfbondage matches mine ---*
But she only talked about her parents... didn't she have two brothers ?
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RenePolumorfousProfessional General Artist
Yesterday i went on my first Bondage (Shibari) seminar and today the first thing came on my mind was this amazing comic!It's much more intresting in real life i have to say .... <3
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MiexteryHobbyist General Artist
This story is brilliant. It's so close to home, finding someone who understands... And what Lisa says about society making sexuality cast a shadow? So true.
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Whetsit-TuyaStudent General Artist
She's 18 and lives at home.

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I figure she just graduated/is graduating highschool and about to go to college like a baller.
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Whetsit-TuyaStudent General Artist
:icontshorsefaceplz::iconsayingplz:Community College
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VelvetTiger General Artist
Typo: third panel down "A[s] they say, while the cat is away"
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FallenAngelGMHobbyist Writer
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