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volume 5 full wraparound

so... you may noticed that someting changed on the lipbite territory

i struggled with this for a long while.  believe it or not these covers do mean a lot to me so i try to do right by them

as chapter 5 carries on and reaches it's conclusion my reasons will become more and more apparent, but for now let's just say that i'm having ally bite her lip because she looks dorky doing it... because hers is a lipbite of someone trying to keep the sheer explosion of joy from obliterating everything around her. 

as the theme of the issue's finale will not be sex appeal but courage to take the first step this  setup definitely works better.

also ally lipbite

less sexy,

more, a legendary weapon just dropped XD
011 by shiniez 

ally lipbite... only use in severe cases of overwhelming explosive joy!

warning, may make you look dorky as fuck XD

086nnn by shiniez 
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i love Lisa so much.....

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I gotta get these last couple books. I definitely don't want to see the story end though. You've done such an awesome job with putting this together. All of the emotions have been spot on. :)
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You know. I was underage (by like two years no less) when I first found this and first began reading.
What had me was the art style. Granted I was 17, so I wasn't really digging the true story of it all- And that's what led to my unfortunate stray-al of the comic
But Actually sitting down, and reading block by block of long text that led to the true point.

It's not about loving the Art
It's not about a 17 year old reading something that they REALLY shouldn't have been 

It's about being able to return as a 20 year old and fully enjoying the true nature of this comic for what the comic really is!
An exploration of love, sex, and being a dick to yourself and everyone around it. Oh and still impressive Art. That's what brought on my discovery after all!

But this is employed SO brilliantly.
I'm 1000% glad 17 year old stupid ass me missed the big picture! I saw BDSM and I was EXACTLY like Anne when she started getting interested (and we're talking about me being 17 years old. I got the trust and all that and what have you- But I can definitely say. That is not an itch I need scratching ROFL fast foward to me now, and it's still not an itch I need to scratch.) 

But overall. Wow. 
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holy crap that's adorable!
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How did i miss this one?
I find this comic today and I am thinking "Hmm, I'm not into BDSM, but I still find the characters very interesting and the writing very good. I guess I'll read some more."
8 hours later
Just finished the 4th chapter and I am thinking
"Is it possible to get addicted to a comic? Am I trapped in this web of sexual tension, great writing and brilliantly designed characters,
and the only way out is to finish reading whatever is posted from chapter 5 and then get some sleep?"
I then check the clock and see it's 2am. As I said, only one way out.
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I think that is how we all found the comic.
Just thought I'd mention. I've pre-ordered my copy of VOLUME 5, :D (Big Grin) :happybounce: 
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i have literally binge read these the last couple days. great are great story i cant wait for the next release. you are amazing.
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Your arts are excellent ! I love them and comics.
Добра и вдохновения тебе!^^
Извиняюсь за русский:D
when is the 5th book coming out? ppppplllleeeaaaasssseee be sooon!!! LOVE THESE BOOKS!!!!! Starting to read yours and your wife's other work as well now. I am now an addict to your works!! <3<3<3 
You can pre-order it now at (like I just did)!
THANK YOU!!! Just went and ordered it. So excited!!!  :)
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I just bought your fourth volume of sunstone please tell me the next vol will be soon. You can't just end it like that. Pleeeeeese.😨
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Lovely cover. Can't wait to read the conclusion. But I do hope that ch 5 won't be the end of the Sunstone saga.
It's so pretty, i can't wait to pre-order
It's available to pre-order now!
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Great idea. That Alley should copy one of Lisa's mannerisms is perfectly natural. Especially when you consider that the first time she met Lisa, Ally thought Lisa looked adorable biting her lip. I wouldn't have her copy any more of Lisa's mannerisms, except in a kiddingly mocking manner. But  I know that my folks on occasion will do something that the other does. It's rare, but it does happen from time to time. The best though is when dad will roll his eyes behind mom's back at something she said, and mom will say "don't you roll your eyes at me." Cracks me up every time.
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cant wait to see how the arc ends, when i finished the 4th, my jaw dropped 
I'm confused... is chapter five the end of an arc or the end of Sunstone?
End of an arc.

There's one on Alan and Anne, and another on Marion and some other person.

Then a final arc to bring it all together.
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*squeals with glee* cant... contain... excitement!!!! Atomic Cock 
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