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timing.....of the month

By shiniez
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life can be loaded with cruel little ironies sometimes
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maybe you want to make a story dude on dude, sometime. with lots of casual bdsm cuffs leashes etc.
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SemicolonExpectedHobbyist General Artist
That foreshadowing with Anne in the same panel as Alan and Chris, that almost meeting
Ninja-Jedi's avatar
As some British people might say: Bloody Hell
XxNightSparrowxX's avatar
XxNightSparrowxXHobbyist Digital Artist
jesus christ! She has to get to her dalm mistress damit chicken don't you be a fuckin terd!
Devilactive's avatar
It ain't the chicken that's the problem here. Aunt Flo waits for no woman.
XxNightSparrowxX's avatar
XxNightSparrowxXHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh fuck I didn't even realize it was her period Jesus fuck
inn3rmonologu3's avatar
Men might not have to wait in line for the bathroom but man does it get gross in there sometimes bleh.
universe1919's avatar
Dam, hate the little ironies.
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loaded indeed
ItsJustWerner's avatar
Didnt need the title to know what that rage was for.
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LMAO! So cruel! Aunt Flo is not your friend, Lisa. 
MimiZhorse's avatar
X'D i feel you there gurl, i feel you!!
AndRyu-TSD's avatar
Okay, I just noticed this: Chris was pissing and moaning to Alan showing a lack of understanding of BDSM and referring to it as a perversion, yet he's perfectly happy to fantasize about Lisa and Ally together? Hypocrite much there Chris?
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shiniezProfessional Digital Artist
technically he is about as hypocritical as lisa wrote him :P

she is prone to exaggeration and embellishment after all :)
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ReivaxMehliugHobbyist General Artist
Absolute fan of Lisa's outfit.
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I know this feeling. I flew 35 hours to meet my fiance in Indonesia, we only have 12 days together and I spent over a full day sick. Not violently ill, but just don't wanna do anything drained.. -_-
Nevir-Saedi's avatar
Apparently I'm dense, since she mentioned the chicken I thought she got food poisoning. Guess I can't relate as well as I thought, though my fiance did ed up in this situation while I was there lol.
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Well I guess life thought she was having it a little too easy. Curse you life!
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EqFAzraelProfessional General Artist
I am gonna make a joke, that I think most people wouldn't find funny, but at least she's wearing all red... :XD:
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XD OMG! This made my day!
Superveloz's avatar
"batteries ain't that cheap" see what you did there e.e
Red-Fire-Fox's avatar
I say the same thing every damn time
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SwoopmottHobbyist Photographer
I know that feeling, not personally. But the annoyance it can cause to ones sex life...yep...periods...
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