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this friendship thing....might be problematic

By shiniez
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huzzah back in action!
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I love this work.
window09's avatar
lovely work
DragonmanX-90's avatar
"There's a monster under my bed that might scare me."  I've heard and invented some weapons grade bullshit excuses before; but the use of this timeless classic... PRICELESS!  Utterly fucking priceless!
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shiniezProfessional Digital Artist
DragonmanX-90's avatar
My friend; if I had someone like either of these women right down the hall from me, I'm sure I'd come up with something just as legit! XD

Also, silence your word maker Lisa; BOW TIES ARE COOL!!!  I had to, and I'm not even a little bit sorry!
universe1919's avatar
So that is how they started to share the same room.
Thisismyword's avatar
I really enjoy this series. In a weird way I really relate to Allan. 
Ceilibeag's avatar
Seems Prince must've shopped at the same clothing store as Ally... ;-)…
ThisBetterBeFood's avatar
Ha Ha Ha Funny!
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It´s awesome. It´s life from an Intelligent p.o.w... all of it, all that you do shiniez.  <3
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John-MartinHobbyist General Artist
It's sooooooo cute.
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Question: The part Lisa is talking about her story "The helpers", haven't you made pics about that story? I'm just curious.
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She said there's a monster under my bed, precious baby.
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HA!  That didn't take them long.

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MyrethyHobbyist Writer
My wardrobe consists mostly of black T-shirts with Decepticon symbols. GOD DAMMIT I NEED THAT SHIRT CASSIE IS WEARING.
Jesck-Astiair's avatar
Nothing wrong with the decpticons... for a shirt anyway... but I agree, that is a great shirt
Sunruler's avatar
I would pick so many stupid excuses... "We need to start saving heating bills at some point, so we might have to sleep together tonight from now on, you know to keep each other warm"

"Did you know that in Greenland, back in the old days, everybody under the same roof would all sleep together? I always wondered how it would be, lets try it!"

"Latest studies have shown that Delta brain waves, the stuff that makes us dream, can also be sense by another person sleeping next to one, giving them the same dream, LETS DREAM TOGETHER!"
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Wow, whats up with the MASSIVE change in Quality in the middle then downgrade again close to the end?
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shiniezProfessional Digital Artist
sometimes i feel like doing things differently.  :)

and once the preparations for print of this chapter are applied everything will get a massive quality upgrade :)

quality, not style tho. i will not redo the entire book in the overly detailed yet lifesucking realism XD
Darklarik's avatar
And this is why ur my favorite artists. I wonder tho, how can "Lifesucking Realism" exists? Like, im confused :v
shiniez's avatar
shiniezProfessional Digital Artist
either by entering the uncanny valley, something that happens to me  when stylishness clashes with overly convincing rendering

or the  more traditional, still photo  syndrome when it is so convincingly realistic that  sometimes it loses all the illusions of movement and becomes overly static and trapped in it's own realism

second one is great for illustrations but tends to  be at times counter productive for comics
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Spotted a potential problem - they both sleep on the same side of the bed! Oh noes!

The more I read this, the more I'm loving these two...
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and don't forget the monster in the closet xD
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