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the shiniez saga- new crap

and so chapter 2 begins.....phew..alooot of ground to cover
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Wonderful story, extremely well told.

to be honest I never went into art design this way. But your design and storytelling are very good.

Very deep...thinking....emotional intelegence...
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Just read Swing Vol1 and immediately came here 😁
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God, I love that red mask!
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wait do those types of shows actually exist?
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actually I did some research and will I did google image and couldn't find anything this fancy its one of those outside stages and its pretty yikes
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Wish it was real
dyingin7's avatar
Not sure I would though
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To each their own
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Now, this chapter is taking this to new level I have never expect.
I have heard that line so many times - "What need to go wrong in someones life for them to want to ...?" The answer is "nothing. Nothing need to go wrong. People express themselves. Some people express themselves out of things that have gone wrong, but that's more the picture of the office asshat or the perpetual bully than the happy kinkster.

Thanks for the wonderful scence you are showing us. :)
Yes. This. Right here.
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Why can't I like comments like in youtube!? know what!? I Don't Care! Take my like!
I love the freckles on the redhead. Very nice touch. As usual, excellent work!
Ther good comck book hope for son
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I like Chris and not just because we share a name.
THERE we are.  It works now.
I downloded in in order to view it, and it tripped my anti-malware software.
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->Attention. Elements in this document might compromise your integrity. We recommend not to read it.
《Pfft. Bullshit.》
"I know the risks."
->Opening file.
->Hooman.exe ceased functioning.
->Please reboot.
_ ...
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