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the queen and the woodborn: the divine bargain


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previous chapters easiest to read in the pdf here

The  Queen And The Woodborn pdf so far by shiniez

or if you read it on the cellphone, webtoon format might be a better one.…

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BornAngelAuthor's avatar

this... is GLORIOUS! It was so awesome!!!!

amlugwen's avatar

Aaaawesome!!! ♡

But now all dead will feel cold?! :0

And only seven years for the forever ice? Meh ^^

LarenDoor's avatar

A very unexpected interpretation of the Smorodina River :)

sLy2k's avatar

Excellent ! I really like the relationships you build betwen your characters from differents stories and universes. There are all quite different and at the same time quite the same :)

Dragonia27's avatar

Uuuuuuuuuuuuu. I love each and every one of these that comes out. The characters, the world, it all pulls me into the depths and I enjoy every moment of it. Thank you for sharing this with us. :heart::blackrose:

BadSoldier1992's avatar

outstanding character arc, did not expect the river to rise as a swamp creature, your storytelling skills are sharpning and reaching new heights!

Well, ain't that interesting.

Ice that ice thing a grant or a term loan for the deration of time the Queen is a servant? I feels like the former, but the latter seems like it might be more fun.

AKikkaKikka's avatar

I love your detail and your mastery on old lores!


Hewhoislost's avatar

WHAT! Who? How? So many questions. Love the style. This is so good.

Grendelkin's avatar

What would happen if Smorodina met Styx?

Would they hit it off?

Or would they just go with the flow? ;)

SoupNaziMark2's avatar

Eastern Europe's continuous cultural emphasis on the arts is making a splash; advancing art, games, cinema and writing. And everyone knows it.

It feels good to know my Slavic descent will no longer earn me any 'dumb Polack' jokes!

Motusification's avatar

damn only 7 years..

I love it! I love the dramatic visualizations and the story.

CatloversPaw's avatar

Myeah, methinks 7 years are a poor bargain...

kantuck-nadie's avatar

Your skill and imagination at creating a folklore like this is wonderful! The art as well, atonishing. Looking forward to many more tales. Even perhapse a digital book.

- Kan

Heh... In Poland Smorodina is a black currant liquor (archaic word for black currant in general).

It has a calming and liberating effect of sorts, at least on some people in greater quantities, and some can hear it's calling even before death ;)

Dude I love the design of the god of death! It's like the perfect mix of horror and elegance, bizarre but human enough to read a little. A-ma-zing!

DRBinderUST's avatar

I don't think I know this work -- I keep going, "Is this a story Lisa's telling Ally...?"

shiniez's avatar

has nothing to do with sunstone at the moment

Thank you for pointing me to webtoons, I only have a cell phone and I have a hellavah time trying to read the tiny font on deviantart. Love your work!

I love her sung smirk at the end. It speaks volumes about her as character. I still feel like she got the short end of a deal here.

SamFuArt57's avatar

Really highly interesting, this Slavic mythology.

More than I expected....

And this story is getting more and more interesting....

And this style is great as always. However, in my opinion, the contours still need to be refined.... But it's just your style and I like it anyway!!!

Keep it up, Stjepan!

Pixelplaytoy's avatar

Maybe it's the point but Morana isn't actually owed anything. . . .So in this strip she just kind of comes across as really petty and childish. The debt and agreement was already fully fulfilled, Morana agreed the terms and signed off on the deal. then after the deal is done and everything's done she then goes out of her way to then cheat and try to claim something she doesn't have any kind of right over.

I mean i am enjoying this story a lot but it is pretty confusing and Morana is pretty hard to relate too or feel anything for right now. Maybe it changes though, the ending seems to hint at some reason why she made such an effort to steal this soul.

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