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the queen and the woodborn episode 2

By shiniez
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episode 1 here

the queen and the woodborn episode 1 by shiniez
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I'd call them incompetent at that point and demand new tutors, make a real show.

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Do you plan to upload this to the Webtoon version as well?

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Yes it's good, really good! Can't w8 to read the next part !

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I'm so sad and angered. Down with the patriarchy! 0.o I cannot wait to read the next strip!

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So Sad ... I want Quenny to be happy, to smile and hug her child as close to her little aching heart as possible !:cries:

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wow! this was really well written, I was drawn in. Really looking forward to the next pages.

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Nice work like everytime

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Now i'm invested!

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For a moment I thought she drank poison.

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no, this is something way more sinister

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I can't wait to see what happens. You are amazing an artist and story teller.

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I'm really curious as to why the king married her against the wishes of the acolytes when he doesn't love her. My best guesses are that he either lusted for her really badly, or he did it to spite the acolytes. I'm really looking forward to the plot unfolding!

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that is very much the right question to ask ;)

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Thank you again for another fantastic chapter!

Damn those advisors are so evil...

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Well.... now I'm depressed

Great Job!

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Love the story. Thanks so much for your work, it's so inspired and inspiring.

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Ooooh this is getting really good

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Situations like these always bring out the urge to "destroy them all" i'm a sucker for revenge stories XD

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You are both a master storyteller and a phenomenal artist. It is always a pleasure and a joy to indulge in your work.

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Intrigue! Excellent work

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Cyril's gonna get someday, I just know it.

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