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the queen and the woodborn development materials

i mean, when she puts it like that... The Queen and the Woodborn development material stuff :) webcomic published through webtoons and later in print through topcow…
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*Woodborn used Intimidation.

*It wasn't effective.

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It's good to be the queen.

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I hope you update the actual story again soon. I love this almost as much as Sunstone and Mercy, even though it's still very early.

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yup, working on the next update :)

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I didn't think you liked me!

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I sprinted for my phone when I saw you put this on webtoons. I'm so excited for this series!!

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Best way to silence your partner

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Am I reading it right? This story will be in print when its all finished?

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uuunnnffff <3

You worship a goddess, but you OBEY YOUR QUEEN!.
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Aaaa, I love that.

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That's all it took

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Well, that happened.

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Goddess outranks Queen...:constipated:

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certainly started off like that... and then the story happened :)

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Well ... that`s what happened when you come into reach :-D

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Hell yeah <3

Awwww. The more I see of this story, the more I enjoy it.

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... and the cat got her tongue.

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aaaaaaaaaaaaaw that so sweeeeeet 🥰🥰🥰🥰

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