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the initiation of their first night

and indeed allison was right....she was gentle ...untill lisa screamed in frustration calling her mistress...buut more on that later XDDXDX
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rereading this amazing piece again :D
TsyoPhantomFox's avatar
Ooooooh I forgot how GOOD THIS COMIC IS 
gearsofmangle's avatar
damn i'm sweating just from that last sentence! 
universe1919's avatar
Brilliantly well done with everything! Can wait to keep on reading.
That's a great picture your artwork is very good. Thanks 
I'm not sure how I even got here. I was searching for Foxfire to work on latex, but here I am... I'm greatly intrigued.
rafigomez's avatar
Lower lip biting is so sexy when done right. And you did it right.
Tiffanyiscool's avatar
The lip bite... <3
MKUGeneratorsUNITE's avatar
Ohhhhhhh! It's gonna get steamy in here!!!! :D
fourth read since i found this a somewhere last year, don't you guys just love it when you just stumble on a little internet diamond every once in a while?
HotCharge's avatar
I just found your series about an hour ago by accident, and holy shit I am in love with it. Your art and story telling are amazing. I can't wait to keep reading it. 
silkda's avatar
Superb lip bite! :)
man i want to be ally
Jackatwar's avatar
I think I shat myself...
000RainbowChick000's avatar
I can actually HEAR Ally purring as she speaks... and I love the lipbiting Lisa does
lily-kane's avatar
it is amazing something so simple and so honest about this i really loved this page
Oh god I can practically feel the sultry voice whispering in my ear... *shivers*
YES MY MISTRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!
DarkOnyix's avatar
Fuck..damn's getting hot in here Oo ( yes i am a girl :)) )
FlyingRagePanda's avatar
...Allison is evil! XD I like.
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