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thanx for 5 m- alan in some heavy makeup XD

aaas promised word for word. on 5 million you get to see alan like you have never seen him before!

i am a man of my word! XD

i mean...come on... you knew this was coming.. at least a little bit XD
thank you all and patience.  all things come to those who wait :)
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catiche's avatar
nooo! stop feeding this weird clown fetish that I don't want developing >_< It seems it is too late for me
diamndz1021's avatar
wow, y'all thirsty af down there
Well. I'm officially more scarred for life than I was three seconds ago....
ZeCrazyAngel's avatar
diamndz1021's avatar
Oh thats hot

made my day XD
M4IAN's avatar
I wonder what would happen at 10mil?
LockpickX's avatar
Thought I might dropp by to say that Alan denying a wallpaper is not enough! I have waited too long!
Peekaopolis's avatar
hahaha! oh Alan! love it!
Twilight16Master's avatar
it's a good look for him. =w=
his foot disguised itself with an alien (THAT alien) costume =D
JustAnotherFaggot's avatar
that just some how isnt right... 
Awesome. Just awesome.
A little disappointed you're no longer the well-kept secret of our online lives, but five mil is terrific.
boborly713's avatar
never thought id see teh day
AnnaHime's avatar
He looks hot to me. :3
dinosaurwithahat's avatar
Aw come on! I want my cross dressing Alan! Still, congratulations, you deserve it. :)
sharkbyte3827's avatar
Congratulations on your count. 
somercet's avatar
"There's nothing more deadly to a jester than an unappreciative audience."
what happens at 7,500,000 or 10,000,000?

nahp75's avatar
Congrats dude! you deserve.

Yeah I'd still do him just saying

Teremiao's avatar
It's SO unfair! :D
Very awesome grats on 5 million views !
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CactusMaid's avatar
When I see Alan like that,I have that video in my mind.

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