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aand now back to some diablo , kthxbye
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Huh; didn't predict that angle with the coworker.  
NoriMori's avatar
I knew it! Ugh, Lisa, come on!
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Useful89Hobbyist General Artist
'C'mere' I had to step away from my computer there I was laughing so hard. What a twist! I should have seen that coming, but wow! Bravo to you, there.
universe1919's avatar
Can't wait to see/read some sibling relationship.
Vexrapopple's avatar
ooh my bad I thought the blonde lady at the club was her associate from the coffee shop totally goofed on that one
sophhiee's avatar
Hehe. Valerie already is getting some... my bad. Theyre cute.
The-SilverLining's avatar
Oops! Definitely jumped the gun there, Lisa!
Nevir-Saedi's avatar
I laughed SO hard when the two of them kissed! XD
Useful89's avatar
Useful89Hobbyist General Artist
I think my cat might have had a minor heart attack I laughed so hard! xD
Briskenzu's avatar
BriskenzuHobbyist General Artist
ruggedly handsome bro alert!
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rosepiramidHobbyist Digital Artist
MrSirk's avatar
Poor blondie probably has the curse of sounding condesending when she's really not. Probably can't give a compliment without someone saying fuck you in return.
RoyceGrey's avatar
Why do you always assume the people who aren't judging you are?


And funny.  :)
JaneBrown1991's avatar
JaneBrown1991Hobbyist Artist
I fucking knew it
miniquinn's avatar
miniquinnHobbyist Digital Artist
aw shit. the first tattoo I ever got was a back one too and that shit is gonna hurt like holy lord jesus above
MagicV's avatar
pussying out? molested by a needle? pms queen? yeesh
Livvia-Norsk-Goddess's avatar
most-awesome-maker's avatar
waaaaaate what kind of screaming are we talking here (inquisitive eye drow raise)
JTM93's avatar
JTM93Hobbyist General Artist
Eye Drow?
most-awesome-maker's avatar
Eye brow!!!! damn my dyslexia 
PenumbraVIII's avatar
Holy fucking plot twists, Batman!
HakuRox's avatar
HakuRoxHobbyist Digital Artist
I 'awwwhed' at the bit about valerie....
RoyceGrey's avatar
Oh, no.  Even MORE redheads!
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