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sunstone volume 8 cover wip

work in progress. decided to remake the cover as the old version felt kinda boring and it needed a bit more oomph!
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I DO like this version better. I've followed your works (got Fine Print on preorder!) and this is the most abstract I've seen you do. Something feels a pinch off. Maybe it's the ink & dye washing out up rather than down? I love that blotch of Laura so much though.

What exactly is sunstone mercy, is it like a spinoff?

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just the subtitle of the second arc. sunstone 6-14

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I can hardly wait...

This could be a bad turning point for her!

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Man, I am sooo behind this series. I wish it came out in Poland after all ;o;

Also evocative of the story. It's a little more subtle, though. Nice!

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Such a beautiful cover!

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Loving the series so far, and this cover is perfect for her!

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first glance I thought about the 7up dude..

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Washing the black out of her hair that resembles a lost love. Excellent.

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The image of her black hair dye running like that is just... magnifique.

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The last time hair dye was this runny Rudy Giuliani was still practicing law... :D

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Thought so. Male intuition. :D

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Can’t wait !!! We love the whole series here

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This is just such an excellent cover.

The ink blotches forming the face of her heartbreak, if you will, with her desperate expression front and center; it's very creative and reads really well to boot.

You can tell exactly what this volume is going to be about, without spoiling what actually happens, very nice.

Plus, of course, it just looks super cool.

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She looks uncertain, must be facing a life changing choice

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