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sunstone volume 7 coming to print

releasing early may. got a bit delayed with my bad case of covid. 

preorders are available in comic stores that choose to carry the book

online bookstores like barnes and noble…

books a million:…

book depository…

and of course  amazon:…

depending on your local amazon variant, just search sunstone 7 sejic

most of you know why i promote preorders here. they help decide the size of printrun as with indie comics a second printing is never guaranteed. 

anyhow see you soon, this month as i take a break from sunstone i'll drop some giant robots and next month might even drop the next queen and the woodborn update. after that the absolute rollercoaster that is volume 8 begins. gonna be a wild one
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Matttowler's avatar

I've pre-ordered! :D

On2XSecretProbation's avatar

Sorry you had Covid, but I'm glad you're back at the drawing board. I will be ordering Volume 7 from my local comic book store.

That's fun!

You had covid? Oh. :(

dv8designer's avatar

Had my copy on order for months, still got a month to wait.

kaze26's avatar
Seigmann's avatar

Aaaaaaand pre-ordered. :happybounce:

outis-9's avatar

Thanks for the reminder, hadn't yet made the pre-order.

Now all is in Order :)

GahoWolf's avatar

Yes yes yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

BornAngelAuthor's avatar

Just bought all of Suntone on Amazon and pre-ordered the new one. Can't wait to sit and read them all! :love:

rudeboy308's avatar

As long as you're healthy, that's what really matters. Great cover!

KenReels's avatar

And ordered. Glad to add it to the already outgrowing bookshelf full of artbooks and comics.

e-weasel's avatar

Pre ordered this ages ago. Very happy to here a print month.

Alysandir's avatar

Already pre-ordered!

Mahasu's avatar

gonna buy when you make another big hardcover to go with my other two <3

knightstef's avatar

i love sunstone and all your work that gonna buy them all , all your comic are very good

SuikTwoPointOh's avatar
More proof of Stjepan Sejic’s counter-intuitive marketing genius. He gives so much away for free that I will gladly pay for anything he publishes. Looking forward to Achilles Shieldmaidens too.
Alysandir's avatar

Absolutely. Even though I've gotten the PDFs, I've ordered the TPBs AND the hardcovers.

Ordered from my Local Comic Shop when it showed up in Previews! Can't wait to get it!

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