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sunstone volume 3

chapter 3 in pdf format. updated version
© 2013 - 2021 shiniez
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Now I want that tat lmao

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es sumamente impresionante el talento que se posee para crear esta hermosa maravilla.

soy incapaz de expresarme correctamente sin que mi cerebro se haga papilla, me encanto.
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nice  ;) (Wink) :D (Big Grin) Thumbs Up
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Fantastic story and the art is just so well fantastic, thank you for this wonderful comic..
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Awesome story awesome art
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Amazing, thanks a lot for share your work, is beautiful, I hope you decide publish more chapters about Sunstone
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is wonderful your work is great
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i love your work, excelent :D i'm can´t wait to see the new chapters :D
Almost a year since chapter 3...sad to say it doesn't look promising for a chapter 4 :'(
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So wonderful !
Im really curious, how are you able to go so in depth with the characters and their lifestyles? It almost sounds like you are one of them and if so, which one? :)
totally hooked on ally and Lisa...can't wait for chapter 4
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This series is amazing, although the script could use a proof-read.
Still, please keep up the good work! :D
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Hats off to you sir. Amazingly well done!
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Completely blown away by the way you used layout and scrolling in these comics. Feels like visual narrative that was really made for the screen rather than simply displayed on a screen because print is expensive.

Phenomenal painting too, really admire the series.
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sou brasileira e simplesmente adora seu trabalho, com os traços, cores, historia personagens... tudo é muito genial estou ansiosa para ver a continuação do capitulo 4
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Truly amazing work again! :love:
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I can't wait to read this~ >/////<
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Hands up all of you that googled BDSM in a minute after starting to read this :D
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is it pure text?
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