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sunstone volume 1 print version pdf

By shiniez
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a simple no bonus material comic only version 

this account is about to get real active this week :)
Published:   |  Mature
© 2017 - 2020 shiniez
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Thank You!  I found this comic online a year or so ago. I loved it. I honestly can say you made me cry.  The pain, the hurt, was all over come by love.  I have to say it is among my most favorite stories, and that's saying a lot for a man that reads westerns, action, and adventure books. So thank you again.  I can hardly wait to read about Allen and Anne, Marianne and Laura, and all the rest! 
   Please keep writing. Big fan.
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I stumbled across this thanks to a friend and I love it! I love everything! Lisa and Ally are fucking adorable

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DelphiDelphinHobbyist Photographer

I just found this gem here and I wonder if there is more like this but in the straight ballpark...? :)

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shiniezProfessional Digital Artist
it's possible, internet's a big place :)
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EyeoftheDracoArtHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is a thing of beauty. 

I mean that in ways that others probably don't. I cried while reading this. You've somehow encapsulated my ideal love life in this comic. I'd say more, but might get even more emotional. 

Where can I get this?  
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mayumayu13Student Digital Artist
I finally bought volumes 1 to 3 of Sunstone at comic con!!! Love your work ♡
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Wow. I am loving the story, even without the imagery. I will be picking up physical copies for sure. 
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I saw this at a store the other day and it's beautiful. Would've bought it if it wasn't a translation. 
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FenrirFreefallStudent Photographer
Just got this recently. Love it! Especially the outfit gallery in the bonus section at the end. Really well made. I can't wait for Book 2 (when can we expect that to be released?)
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MazzachoProfessional Interface Designer
Woah!!! OO Fantastic!
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keytobias5Hobbyist Writer
I just got mine this past week and it's wonderful! It's got a nice solid hardcover, smells of wonderful new print smell, and the pages inside. Glorious! Thank you!
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OMG it arrived today... it's amazing!!!  Thank you so much :)
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It's actually really amazing that my two favorite stories about lesbian bdsm are call sunstone and moonstone. No relation. The one you know, but moonstone is an mlp fanfiction by writer loyal on You will need ann account to view mature content, but it is worth the read.
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DJBlueFangStudent General Artist
As soon as they have all come out (and when i have money) i'm definitely gonna buy all 5 volumes. One the best reads, greatest love story, greatest story I've ever read. can't wait to see more of your work :) 
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Twilight, they're watching Twilight, oh lol
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ZeframProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you so much for this.
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I'm kinda curious if you know what the spine on the hardback will look like/say? I'm sorely tempted to buy it (already have the others, but I like to have a hard back of all the books I love) and put it on my bookshelf in my room. Still in and out of dorm rooms and such. 
P.S. Sunstone is the only reason I came to Deviant Art, so hats off to you.
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Oh, PDF.  Duh.  Volume 1 is already out in print for a while, no?
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I saw volume 1 in a local comic store, super cool!
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VarisMetsaMetsastajaProfessional Filmographer
Wow you are amazing what an incredible gift! Now I need to go buy more of your works!
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keytobias5Hobbyist Writer
I already preordered mine. I can't wait!
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I remember the day back when i got the first book in the mail. Was a nice feeling to hold it in my hands. What was it like when you held your first printed version of a comic you made yourself?
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devduck01Hobbyist Writer
Whee..waiting for the print in the hardback...this goes on the shelf as a treasured read and the work of a great storyteller :)
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ShadowSmallsHobbyist General Artist
Not that I haven't enjoyed reading this again, but wasn't this already uploaded? :P
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